Religious Education

Head of RE:
Mrs Angela Smith
Teacher of RE and Worship Co-ordinator:
Mr Richard Shurmer
Teacher of RE:
Mrs Rosemary Bradberry
Mrs Louise Budgen
Mrs Katie Faulkner
Mrs Jennifer North
Mr Peter Owen
Ms Chrysi Minaidou

Key Stage 3

Y10 visit to Chichester CathedralAll pupils are taught Religious Education according to a programme of study accepted by the Directors, with clear links to the Agreed Syllabus for the county, national Key Stage 3 guidance and Diocesan policy. The programme gives prominence to the beliefs, values and practices of the Christian faith but also explores a number of aspects of other world faiths. All pupils have three periods of Religious Education each fortnight during Key Stage 3.

All Year 7 pupils take part in a pilgrimage visit to the Cathedral. In Year 8 there are opportunities for visiting places of worship from different world faiths. Year 9 pupils have the privilege of hearing a visiting Holocaust survivor’s Testimony Talk.

KS3 Religious Education Steps

Key Stage 4

REAs our GCSE course specification states “Religious Studies provides opportunities for learners to understand more about the world, the religious challenges it faces and their place within it. Following this GCSE course will deepen understanding of religions and their effect on society. It will develop learners’ competence in a wide range of skills and approaches and enable young people to become religiously informed and thoughtful, engaged citizens. “

All pupils have four periods of Religious Education each fortnight during Stage 4. All pupils follow a full course GCSE curriculum in Religious Studies in Year 10 and 11. Some have the additional opportunity to take AS Religious Studies in Year 11, whilst a small number In Year 11 are focusing on one of the GCSE Units, so extra support can be provided.

In Year 11 pupils are following the legacy WJEC Specification B for GCSE with a focus on Christianity and Hinduism and the AQA specification for AS Religious Studies with a focus on ethics and philosophy.

In Year 10 all pupils are now following the EDUQAS Specification A for GCSE. This has three components:

  • A study of four themes in religion and life
  • A study of Christianity
  • A study of a contrasting world faith

Examples of some of the areas covered by all pupils in RE at KS4 are;

  • Issues of love, marriage and divorce,
  • Issues of human rights, justice and equality
  • Issues about God, life and death

The RE Department co-ordinate trips to conferences looking at ethical and philosophical issues. Guest speakers often enhance the RE curriculum.

For further details follow this link - GCSE Religious Studies exam specification