Subject: Mathematics
Syllabus Number: Edexcel 1MA1
Teachers who lead the subject: Mrs H Kettle (Head of Maths & Key Stage 4 Lead)

Why study Mathematics?

Mathematics is a compulsory subject at GCSE, and all students will continue to study the subject. Mathematics is a key qualification and a GCSE pass is expected for most occupations. On top of that you will be developing your problem solving skills and your ability to work confidently with number.

Outline of syllabus content

The syllabus builds on the content of KS3 with further topics in Number, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry and Measures, probability and statistics.

Mathematics GCSE will be graded 1-9, with the new grade 9 designed to stretch and identify the most able students. The GCSE is divided into Higher and Foundation tiers. The Higher tier covers grades 4-9 whilst Foundation covers 1-5. The Foundation tier extends higher than the existing C grade to grade 5 which is broadly equivalent to a (low) B.

In addition to the grade changes there is increased content in both Higher and Foundation tiers and students will need to remember key formulae. There is a significant emphasis on problem solving, requiring you to apply your maths knowledge and communicate your reasoning clearly.


Assessment will be in the form of three one and a half hour papers in the Summer of Year 11. The papers are equally weighted. There will be one non-calculator paper. You will either take Foundation tier papers or Higher tier papers. The final decision on tier of entry will be made in the Spring of Year 11.

Additional information is available on the Curriculum Overview section of the website - click here