Dance BTEC

Subject: Dance BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance Approach)
Syllabus Number: 603/7054/3
Teachers who lead the subject: Mrs J Feakins-Taylor / Miss J Lawlor

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Why study BTEC Dance?

This Level 2 course (1 GCSE equivalent) is aimed at all students with a keen interest in dance and/or those who aiming for a career in the Performing Arts industry. Throughout the course you will explore and develop a wide range of skills required for successful dance performance. In addition, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of different dances styles and genres through studying professional dance repertory. You will also create work in response to a range of stimulus and themes, working cooperatively with others to choreograph dance pieces. The qualification can be used as a stepping stone to a Level 3 in Performing Arts or Dance qualification or further performance education. The course will encourage personal development through practical participation and performances in a range of disciplines. You should be highly motivated and prepared to work hard to achieve your goals and being able to work with others is equally important.

Outline of syllabus content

Learners are required to complete and achieve three components in total:

Component 1 - Exploring the Performing Arts
Learners will develop their understanding of dance by examining the work of professional choreographers and the processes used to create dance performance. Learning will include practical and theoretical elements.

Component 2 - Developing Skills and Techniques in Dance
Learners will develop their dance skills and techniques through the reproduction of professional dance repertoire. Learning will include the development of dance technique through classes and workshops plus the application of skills and techniques in a performance setting. Learners will also review their own progress ongoing.

Component 3 – Responding to a Brief
Learners will work as part of a group to create a workshop performance in response to a given brief and stimulus. This synoptic assessment builds on knowledge, understanding and skills acquired and developed in Components 1 and 2.


Component 1 - Exploring the Performing Arts (30%) Internal assessment / externally moderated
Learners will produce a written report, presentation, vlog or other similar evidence of understanding of three professional dance works and the work of key practitioners. Evidence will also include participation in practical dance activities which will be filmed.

Component 2 - Developing Skills and Techniques in Dance (30%) Internal assessment / externally moderated
Learners will be assessed in workshops, classes and rehearsal. They will be required to demonstrate their development of technique and dance skills required for performance. At the end of the component learners will demonstrate their application and use of skills in the performance of professional dance repertoire. In addition, learners will present evidence such as a practice and rehearsal logbook or diary to illustrate their ongoing development and improvement.

Component 3 – Responding to a Brief (40%) Externally assessed
Learners will generate ideas in response to brief set by Edexcel in addition to selecting and developing dance skills and techniques to meet the brief. Throughout the process they will need to keep a record of ideas, research and skills development. This will culminate in a final live performance to a target audience. Learners will be expected to capture their ideas in a written log and evaluation report which will be completed across 3 hours under timed supervised conditions.

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