Charges and Remissions for School Activities

The Department of Education and Science Circular 2/89 sets out in detail the legal framework within which all schools must operate in respect of charges for school activities. It is the responsibility of the governors to draw up a statement of the school’s policy on charging and remissions.

Policy Statement

  1. The basic principle which the School will operate is that all education provided in school time should be free of charge. (Circular 2/89 paragraph 13)
  2. The School may invite parents to provide their children voluntarily with particular items in order to release resources from the School’s budget for other purposes, but no child should be disadvantaged because of a parent’s unwillingness or inability to contribute in this way.
  3. It is the School’s responsibility to provide pupils with essential protective clothing such as safety goggles.
  4. It will be in order for the Design and Technology Faculty to charge for, or require the supply of, ingredients and materials if parents have indicated in advance a wish to own the finished product.
  5. The School will continue to charge for all activities that take place wholly or mainly outside school hours in accordance with pares 26-32 of Circular 2/89.
  6. Similarly the School will levy appropriate charges for all ‘optional extras’ as defined in pares 21-25 of the Circular.
  7. Field trips that take place mainly in school time:
  8. The policy of the School, reflecting the policy laid down in pares 33-35 of the Circular, will be to charge for board and lodging but not for the cost of travel or tuition. The School will endeavour to subsidise pupils whose parents are in receipt of income support, supplementary benefits, or family credit in accordance with pares 34 and 35.
  9. The School will continue to invite parents to make donations to the School Fund and to the Parents’ Association, but will make it clear that such donations are entirely voluntary and that the pupils of parents who do not contribute will not in any way be penalised.
  10. The School will continue to make appropriate charges for the loss of school property (eg books) or damage to school property (eg lockers) to the parents of the pupil responsible.