The Purpose of Homework

All educational research indicates that well organised homework can significantly raise the standard of pupil achievement. Homework should:

  • Encourage pupils to develop independent study skills
  • Promote self-discipline and positive attitudes towards life-long learning
  • Consolidate and reinforce the skills and understanding developed at school
  • Extend school learning
  • Involve the parents and carers in the management of pupil learning and keep them informed about the work pupils are doing
  • Manage particular demands on individual Years, e.g. GCSE coursework

The Role of the Pupils

Pupil Planner inserts contain the following information

You must

  • Write down your homework accurately in your Planner as soon as it is set
  • Ask your subject teacher for help if you are not clear about the homework task, and ensure that the task is clear in your mind before you leave the lesson
  • Note when the homework is due in
  • Do each subject’s homework on the correct night, ensuring you spend the correct amount of time on the task
  • Always hand in your homework on time
  • Discuss with your subject teacher how you can catch up on homework missed through absence
  • Find out the homework task, and complete the work, if you miss the setting of homework because, for example, you were at a music lesson

Helpful Hints

  • Take time and care with your homework.
  • Get into a routine of doing homework at the same time each evening.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Inform your parents and form tutor if you are experiencing difficulties with your homework.

The Role of Parents and Carers

Notes to Parents (in the Planner)

Parents have a vital role to play in supporting pupil’s homework.

  • Please make it clear to your child that you value homework. It is important that children get into the habit of completing homework thoroughly from Year 7. As children move up through the school the homework demands will increase.
  • It is helpful if you can take an active interest in your child’s homework.
  • It is important that they have a quiet area in which to work, with a suitable table, free from distractions.
  • Please check each evening that homework has been completed and offer encouragement and praise.
  • Sign the Planner at the end of each week.
  • Please contact your child’s form tutor if you are concerned over any aspect of homework, e.g.. If your child appears to be spending too little or too much time on homework.

Parents should note that the school library is open after school from Monday to Thursday for 1 hour.

Time allocated per homework slot

Year 7 – 20 minutes

Year 8 – 30 minutes

Year 9 – 30 minutes

Year 10 – 40/50 minutes

Year 11 – 60 minutes