Daily Contact Testing Study

We have been chosen for a pilot scheme being run by the Department of Health and Social Care, that uses lateral flow tests to reduce the need for isolation. Students and staff who are identified as close contacts can opt to join the pilot scheme. They will then take daily Lateral Flow Tests at school, administered by us. This will be backed up by two PCR tests a week, also administered by us.

Key Points about the pilot:

  • Contacts will not be allowed into classrooms until they have tested negative each day
  • The Lateral Flow Test that is used is more sensitive than the tests we all are using at home, so should detect Covid-19 at an earlier point in its gestation
  • The scheme is completely optional – students who decide not to join the scheme will be asked to isolate at home for 10 days and will have work set as normal.

Clearly the Government is investing in technology that could help us to live with the threat of Covid-19 in the future. We are very pleased to be able to contribute data to this trial and hope that families will take part.

More detailed information can be found in the documents below.