Active Fun

Youngsters may not be able to enjoy bouncy castles at Easter fun days or clambering through ball pits at the local soft play centre at the moment, but that doesn't mean they can't have some active fun.

Search local gym providers and dance workshops on social media as many of them have started live online routines geared towards getting your little ones moving. Big names in dance and fitness are also taking part.

For example, Strictly Come Dancing champion Oti Mabuse is offering dance classes for children and adults on her social media platforms, with help from her husband Marius Lepure. You can find the kids classes on her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts at 11:30am every day.

Joe Wicks, known as the Body Coach, is broadcasting live PE sessions for children – although adults can take part too! This has been part of our daily routine in school – Mr Hindman included!

If your child loves to dance, let their feet do the talking. Ask them to pick out their favourite song and dance like you mean it!

Top tip: Teach one another some dance moves, and then see if you can come up with some dance moves of your own together.

Play a ball game: This might sound tricky when you can’t go outside, but you can make this work even if you don’t have access to a garden at home. If you have a softball, you can play catch inside – and you can make it more interesting by adding your own rules. If you have a garden at home, all you need is a ball. There’s football, basketball, dodgeball, keepy-uppies…an endless list of games to choose from!

If you’re lucky enough to have some to spare, you might even want to try the toilet roll challenge.

Top tip: Ask your child to pick a game they’d like to play or ask them about their favourite sports team.

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