Arts and Crafts

There are so many crafts you can do from home. Depending on what you’ve got in the house, you could paint a plant pot, make a friendship bracelet, try origami, create a photo collage or make a musical shaker.

Top tip: Pinterest is full of inspiration. Create a board together so you can always find something you want to make.

Design your own cards: All you need for this is some card or paper and pens or paints. Create some homemade cards together – whether they’re just to say hello to someone, or for a Birthday, Thank You or Get Well Soon message.

Top tip: You could also write a card to each other, and use what your child writes as a way to start a conversation around how they’re doing.

Draw cartoons of each other: Sometimes, all you need is a pen and paper. Create cartoon drawings of one another, and other family members, cats, dogs, fish – have fun!

Top tip: Try drawing with your eyes closed or not taking your pen off the paper to add an extra challenge.

Follow the rainbow: Children all across the UK are taking part in #RainbowTrail – a social media movement that involves putting handmade pictures of rainbows in their window at home to cheer people up during this time of isolation. It is a way of reminding everyone that the rain won't last forever and the sun will shine again.

I'm sure littler ones will love to have their artwork on display to the neighbours. It's also great for older children who are more aware of what is going on at the moment, to have something positive they can do for the community while staying safe indoors.

Children can also support the NHS Nightingale campaign and share their rainbow pictures online using #RainbowsForNightingale.

Learn how to draw: If art and drawing are more your child’s thing, there are various drawing classes being hosted on Facebook and YouTube throughout the week. Steve Harpster from Harptoons Publishing is hosting classes via his Facebook page and YouTube channel at 2pm EST/6pm GMT every day, aimed at teaching families how to draw cartoons. Monday’s episode focused on drawing different types of monsters. Grumpycorn author Sarah McIntyre is similarly posting drawing classes to her YouTube channel with the hashtag #DrawingwithSarah.