Come Dine With Me

You could challenge your family members to your own ‘Come Dine With Me’ competition. And if you’re looking for recipe ideas you could try our very own Mr Bonney. He has a channel on YouTube, specifically to inspire everyone to cook during these tricky times.

Or you could just ask your child if there’s something they want to learn how to cook and make it with them.

Top tip: If cooking a meal together might be a bit too tricky, decorating pizzas with your own toppings could be an easier alternative.

Baking is a great way to have fun together indoors and there are so many bakes to choose from. Keep it simple with fairy cakes, scones, traybakes or energy balls.

Top tip: Take time to sit back and enjoy your bakes together while they’re still warm.

Indoor picnic: we can’t head out to the beach with a picnic blanket at the moment, but we can have one indoors. Lay out a blanket, put together some of your family’s favourite finger food and have a picnic in the comfort of home.

Top tip: Indoors picnics have one simple rule - you can only eat when you’re sitting on the picnic blanket.