Indoor Games

Tech free games: Take a screen break with tech-free games like 20 questions, cat's cradle, marbles, jacks, the floor is lava, skipping and more. There are so many traditional 20 minute games to choose from.

Top tip: Make it your own by adding new family rules to give your childhood games a modern twist!

Play Wales have created a chart of indoor play ideas that will be fun for the whole family. They include things like acting out scenes, blindfolded pillow fights, making paper airplanes, egg and spoon races and many more. Follow the link below for the full list:

Build a fort: Use blankets, bedsheets, cushions, chairs and fairy lights to create your own cosy little fort. Be warned: it will take several attempts to keep it all up, but so worth it once you’re inside!

Top tip: A mug of hot chocolate is a great fort accompaniment.