Lingvist has opened up its student and educator platforms so people can continue, or start, to teach and learn foreign languages online for free until 31 July.

For students, Lingvist’s AI-software tailors courses to suit their previous experience, introducing them gradually to grammar and vocabulary in their chosen language – German, French, Russia or Spanish. This is done through interactive games, challenges and tasks.

For educators, which include any parents homeschooling their children during this period, Lingvist allows them to track their students’ progress and schedule video calls to run through grammar rules and practice pronunciation. This so-called blended learning means students work through the courses at their own pace, saving the video calls for clarification and conversation practice, rather than learning.

The entire platform is free until July 31 but to qualify, a parent needs to sign up via Lingvist Classroom and add their child as a student. If you sign up via the standard Lingvist login, your free trial will end after 14 days. are offering an opportunity for you to learn British Sign Language. Initially this was free, but due to the incredible popularity of the free enrolments offer their servers have become overwhelmed and have required significant upgrade and expansion. Because of this they have had to make the very difficult decision to ask for a £3 minimum contribution towards the costs of the course – this is to help cover the cost of server upgrades. Please remember that this is significantly reduced from the standard price of £25.