For some people music is how they connect with the world. If this is true for your child, try sharing some music together by creating a playlist. You may surprise each other with your choices and even introduce each other to something new.

Top tip: You could try creating a playlist for the different parts of your routines during isolation – such as getting up, eating breakfast or exercising.

Learn how to DJ: this is a free app, with no age range but more suited towards school-age children. It teaches the basics of djing in a fun, interactive way without the need for expensive, specialist equipment. All you need is a phone or tablet and the free djay app by Algoriddim. Djay guides users through every stage of mixing, teaching them the basics of decks and loops before giving them the freedom to mix and remix their library of music. There’s even a video visualiser tool that lets users create their own music videos to accompany their mixes, and the app uses AI to help guide budding musicians through the process.

Quaver Music has free school closure activities for students learning at home.

Sing! Turn up your favourite ballads and sing along!

Top tip: Want to make it into a game? Challenge them to sing in the style of their favourite film or TV character.