Introduction to the Virtual School

The aims of the virtual school remain the same as the physical school: to ensure that students have the opportunity to experience ‘Life in all its Fullness’ and for the whole school community to give ‘Always our best because everyone matters’. In order to achieve this we have had to make a number of changes to the way we work. Please take the time to read through this section of the website so that you can effectively support your child at home.

A warning before we start: the aim of this section of this website is to bring together all of the systems that we use to support your child. Many of you will have set-up these systems already, in which case this will hopefully show you how we are going to be using those systems during the physical closure of the school. However, if you are new to our online tools, you may find this daunting, as there will be a lot of apps and pieces of software to download and start to use. If you are in this position, please start with ClassCharts and only move on once you are comfortable with how ClassCharts works.