Learning & Frog

During the school closure it is important that, where possible, students complete all work that has been set for them. We will not get this time back and students will fall behind if this time is not used effectively.

All work is being set through Frog to ensure students have one place to go to collect work. We recommend that students and parents download the Frog App, My Frog, from the Google Play Store or from the App store onto a mobile device. The My Frog App allows all assignments to be tracked and monitored. A guide to the My Frog App can be found here. A guide for setting the App up for parents can be found here.

Assignments in Frog may require students to visit other third party websites, the most commonly used ones are Hegarty Maths, Google Classroom, Seneca and The Everlearner. Other subjects will use subject specific sites such as Kerboodle or Active Learn where text books and activities can be located.

We strongly recommend that students do two things:

  • In Frog, “Hand in Assignments” to show that they have been completed. This will reduce the amount of assignments on the student’s timeline, which has been an issue for some students.
  • Set up RMUnify to manage their accounts

A quick tip for managing Frog: if your child doesn’t know where to start, go to the ‘My Frog’ button (either a red or green button with a number in the middle) in the top right corner to see the assignments ordered by due date.

To support you and your child in setting up RMUnify, a video has been produced by Mrs Wilburn.

Supporting your child managing Frog and Emails

To access email and Frog they need to use their network username and their network password to login. Students can access email and Frog through the links on the bottom of the school website. Some pupils will need support from parents to help them manage their emails. This may include filing emails and deleting read emails so that they can prioritise those that they have recently received. A guide on how to create folders can be found here.

Pupils may also need support in managing longer term projects set on Frog. These may require a pupil to start the project and do work on it at regular intervals ahead of the final submission date. Please support your child in ensuring they start these projects and progress them regularly, rather than leaving the work to the last minute or trying to complete the project in the first week.

How will I know if my child is not completing assignments

All parents are strongly advised to download the Insight App from App Store or Google Play (Insight by TASC). This will allow you to see the reward and behaviour points being attributed to your child. Importantly if your child is not completing work this will show in the behaviour section of the App. Parents should check this App once a week.

Insight will also show your child’s attendance. This will not change while the school is closed. We will be monitoring students’ engagement with school through their completion of tasks set on Frog.