During the school closure it is important that, where possible, students complete all work that has been set for them. We will not get this time back and students will fall behind if this time is not used effectively.

All work is being set through Google classroom.

We strongly recommend that students do two things:

  • In Google classroom, “Turn in Assignments” to show that they have been completed and attach the requested work so feedback can be provided.
  • Set up RMUnify to manage their accounts

A quick tip for managing Frog: if your child doesn’t know where to start, go to the ‘My Frog’ button (either a red or green button with a number in the middle) in the top right corner to see the assignments ordered by due date.

To support you and your child in setting up RMUnify, a video has been produced by Mrs Wilburn.

Supporting your child managing home learning

We will be using ClassCharts to continue to communicate between school and home regarding engagement in learning. Please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the ClassCharts App.

How will I know if my child is not completing assignments

We will communicate with you through ClassCharts if your child is not completing the work set. If this continues we will look to contact you to see what support we can offer to enable your child to complete the work and prevent them falling behind.