Pastoral Systems and Support

Tutor time will occur as part of a student’s normal day and there will be regular live input from their tutors. There are also individual tutor group Google classrooms which have the following information:

  • Daily opportunities to ‘Pause and pray’ through our Connect Worship programme
  • Weekly assembly
  • Weekly quiz
  • House information

The Sixth Form has set up a comprehensive new Google Site: A range of activities (e.g. A-level Mindset, university research etc.) will be made available to students each week via tutor group and year group ‘Information, Advice & Guidance’ Google Classrooms (all codes can be found here:

Year group assemblies and PHSE will continue every two weeks in this way too.

Year 12 tutors will also meet with their groups once a week via Google Meet to check in on wellbeing. Year 13 tutors will also be available for 1:1 online or small group appointments.

Pastoral support at school can be accessed in the following ways and by emailing the relevant member of staff:

  1. Initial concern contact the Form Tutor
  2. Contact the Head of House (or Mrs Jones for Sixth Form)
  3. Contact for Year 7: Mr Topley, Years 8 and 9 Mr Jackson, Key Stage 4: Mrs Watson, Key Stage 5: Mr Saunders