Video Conferencing

We believe that ‘live lessons’ are of real benefit for students as they offer the opportunity for interaction with their teacher and they provide a more ‘normal’ lesson environment and will also support the work parents are doing. We aim for all lessons, as far as possible, to have a ‘live element’.

‘Live online lessons’ may be shorter than 1 hour and may be more ‘tutorial style’ sessions where students have the opportunity to ask and answer questions. Staff will decide what is most appropriate for their particular classes. We also recognise that for some families it may not always be possible for a student to join a ‘live class’, so materials used in these lessons will be available on Google Classroom for independent study.

Student Expectations for Google Meets

In order for the video conference ‘lesson’ to run smoothly please ensure that students obey the following rules:

  • Students may only join the session if they are logged into Google Classroom using their school RMUnify account.
    Students must be dressed appropriately (no pyjamas), check the background to their image to ensure it is appropriate and contains no personal or inappropriate material.
  • Student participation in this video lesson is covered by the Acceptable use Policy you sign up to when in school which can be found at:
  • Please be aware that ‘normal’ classroom expectations of behaviour will apply and students may be ejected from this meeting and future meetings if they fail to follow these expectations.
  • Students are not to record or share any images from the video conference lesson they are taking part in.

And undertake the following good practice:

  • Please log on to the session on time and if possible 5 minutes before the start time.
  • Resources required need to be available (open on your device or printed) before the ‘lesson’.
  • Ensure once a student is logged on that the video image is clear.
  • Ensure students know how to turn off the microphone and video as students will need to do this at points in the lesson.
  • If there is a large amount of background noise, please turn off the microphone.
  • Ensure that you can use the chat function.
  • If you would like to ask a question during the session please use the 'raise your hand' feature

The guides below may be helpful if your child needs support in setting up and using Google Meet:

How to send chat messages through Google

How to change your Audio and Video settings in Google Meet

This may help if your internet connection is poor.

Please note that all video conferences are recorded and will be shared on Google classroom for students who cannot make the live input. Meets are also recorded should there be an issue during the online lesson which needs further investigation.