Head of Design and Technology:
Mr James Bonney
Teacher of Design and Technology / Deputy Headteacher:
Mr Steve Williams
Teacher of Design and Technology:
Mrs Helen Ockwell

Key Stage 4


The course provides opportunities for pupils to develop design and technology capability throughout the course. It requires pupils to combine skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality products that could be manufactured in quantity. It also provides opportunities to acquire and apply knowledge, skills and understanding through:

  • Analysing and evaluating existing products and industrial processes
  • Understanding focused practical tasks to develop and demonstrate techniques
  • Working out how to develop ideas, and plan and produce products
  • Considering how past and present design and technology affects society
  • Recognising the moral, cultural and environmental issues in design and technology situation
  • The department is particularly well resourced to develop pupils’ computer aided design and manufacture capabilities.

The coursework project provides opportunity for the pupils to make an individually designed graphic product. The main purpose of the project is to communicate a concept to a potential client. Coursework projects range from pop-up books to packaging and promotions.

For further details follow this link - GCSE Graphics exam specification