Team Leader Textiles:
Miss Melissa Witherow
Teacher of Textiles / Head of Alternative Provision:
Miss Rosie Tugwell
Teacher of Textiles / Head of Andrewes House:
Mr Rob Goldsmith

Key Stage 3

TextilesThe KS3 Design Technology Textiles curriculum at Bishop Luffa is varied, challenging, and centred on creativity.  From Year 7 onwards pupils are encouraged to become independent inquirers, team players and confident practitioners.

Pupils in Year 7 develop their practical and designing skills through a series of projects that include Christmas decorations, juggling balls and weaving. All pupils will be required to use technical equipment such as sewing machines, overlockers and CAD/CAM to creatively develop their work.

Year 8 pupils are encouraged to explore new techniques and develop their designing with a succession of innovative projects. They will design and create solutions for a high visibility bag and a cultural cushion design brief.

Year 9 pupils gain knowledge and skills which promote independent learning which are strongly connected to the GCSE examination. The pupils design and make a charity based wallet and a customized a t-shirt in these two exciting and popular projects.

Throughout KS3, there are extra-curricular opportunities in textiles where pupils can develop skills learnt in lesson in a relaxing, safe and inspiring environment.

KS3 Textiles Steps

Key Stage 4

Textiles 2KS4 Art Textiles is a theoretical as well as a practical subject area which requires the application of knowledge and understanding when developing ideas, planning, producing products and evaluating them. The course combines Designing and Making skills to promote innovation through realistic scenarios. The skills which follow underpin all learning and cover the programme of study for KS4 Design and Technology.

In Year 10 students will experience three unique and challenging projects to gain knowledge on both Fashion and Interior design. These projects will fuse a variety of designing skills in the form of an A3 folder of work as well as practical solutions running consecutively with a programme of theoretical studies. The work will be assessed throughout the year and combine with the results from the Year 10 GCSE mock examination, which will lead to a final end of year grade.

At GCSE a single Design and Make project commences at the end of Year 10. This is called the Controlled Assessment and consists of a comprehensive A3 design folder alongside a completed practical outcome. Students will be given the opportunity to select their own unique project from a broad range of Design briefs set by the exam board AQA. This final project will continue through the rest of year 11 and will represent 60% of the final GCSE grade. The other 40% of their GCSE will be gained from a final two hour examination sat at the end of year 11, where students will be thoroughly prepared through the fortnightly theoretical studies.

Textiles is an extremely popular and enjoyable subject which receives exceptional results at GCSE and is a platform forward into A-level Textiles and other undergraduate courses.

For further details follow this link - GCSE Art Textile Design exam specification