Teacher i/c Law:
Mr Ian Thomas

Seeking to develop independent enquirersBar Mock 1

Law is a subject taught only at A level at Bishop Luffa. Students are inspired during their study of A-level Law, even though they may find it academically demanding. They often comment that it has become their favourite subject. In addition to learning challenging substantive law, they enjoy the practical application of the subject, which develops their problem-solving skills and encourages a critical evaluation of material encountered in their everyday lives. Studying Law gives students an understanding of the role of Law in today’s society and an awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals, which can be applied to students’ lives.

A-level Law encourages students’ organisational skills, together with their ability to think independently. Students are required to write clearly, concisely and in a logical manner. They develop their problem-solving skills and learn how to identify legal issues and apply the relevant law to a scenario to reach a conclusion. This requires students to interpret legislation and read case law. In addition, they gain critical evaluation skills to ensure that they can confidently express views which are substantiated with evidence, encouraging them to reflect on contemporary issues in society