Key Stage 4

Head of Key Stage 4:
Mrs Louise Watson

Our KS4 Curriculum is broad so that pupils can experience a range of opportunities across the curriculum; balanced because it is unwise for pupils to narrow down their options before the age of 16; relevant to pupils’ individual needs and to the demands of a rapidly-changing world; and personalised so that the level and type of work are suited to the ability and learning style of each individual pupil.

These are longstanding curriculum principles, which we believe will stand our pupils in good stead during the current period of great educational change. In KS4, pupils have enhanced time for the core subjects of English and Maths. As a Church School, it is right that all pupils take GCSE RE. The time for PE recognises the importance of health and fitness in our lives. It is a reflection of the global community to which they are heirs, that all pupils should study Science, and that all who are projected to achieve Step 3M by the end of KS3 have the opportunity to become confident in a foreign language.

Our curriculum offers flexibility and choice within a guided structure. In response to government curriculum changes, the options are fewer than in previous years but give more time to enable study in greater depth. Within this framework, which can accommodate the ‘English Baccalaureate’, pupils can take between six and nine GCSEs according to their abilities. Predominantly our level 2 courses are GCSE, we offer BTEC Diplomas for those who find this assessment pathway more accessible and the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (COPE) for those who need a curriculum adjustment to support their exam courses.

In creating our offer, we are careful to listen to pupil demand and where possible we will find creative ways to facilitate courses where pupil numbers are small, for example extra-curricular GCSE music.

The 14-16 Booklet 2019-2021 was published in January 2019 for our current Year 10 students.

The 14-16 Booklet 2020-2022 was published in January 2020 for our current Year 9 students to assist them in choosing their options.

Parents of pupils taking their GCSEs may find the GCSE Factsheet for Parents helpful as it explains the new grading system