Head of Faculty :
Mrs Kate Christie
Teacher of Spanish:
Mrs Stella Richi-Basurto
Faculty Coach:
Miss Elizabeth Lopez Gamero
Team Leader French:
Mrs Helen Massey
Teacher of MFL (French/Spanish):
Mr Alejandro Bravo Esquivel
Teacher of German:
Mrs Denise Williams
Teacher of Latin:
Ms Chloe Barnett
Teacher of Spanish:
Mrs Olivia Basurto

Key Stage 3

Languages picture 300x290In Year 7, all pupils have the opportunity to experience each of the four languages on offer at Bishop Luffa (French, German, Spanish and Latin) within a carousel over three terms. During these sessions, transferable learning skills for languages are taught, as well as giving the pupils a chance to learn vocabulary from key topic areas. All classes are mixed ability as pupils are taught in their Houses. Before the end of Year 7, pupils will be asked (in consultation with parents/guardians) to decide on one language to study for Year 8 and 9. From Year 8, where possible, classes are grouped in order to support pupil ability. Pupils will be expected to continue their chosen language through to GCSE in Year 11.

A taste of what studying each language is like, is created during the months of September and October when each pupil will have 10 lessons of German, followed by 10 lessons of Spanish, and an immersion day of Latin. The overarching objectives of each programme is to teach the pupils something cultural, transferable language or skills, and possible pathways each language has to offer. It is hoped that this will allow our pupils to make an informed choice of language at the end of the Spring Term.

To facilitate
We carry out formal assessments every half term, which coincides with the topic areas. Assessments have been created by teachers at Bishop Luffa to scaffold the skills required for the new GCSEs. Pupils are marked according to ‘Bishop Luffa Steps’ (1-5).

KS3 Languages Steps

Key Stage 4

Pupils have the opportunity to continue to study the language they have started in Key Stage 3. From 2017, the majority of pupils will be expected to take a language GCSE. Currently, approximately 60% of the cohort continue their studies at KS4.

German, French and Spanish

Languages picture 2 233x300

The GCSE course builds on the knowledge and skills gained in Key Stage 3. In Year 10 and 11 pupils continue to speak, listen to, read and write French, German or Spanish dealing with topics of everyday relevance. The language content in Years 10 and 11 follows the AQA GCSE specification. Teaching is conducted as much as possible in the Target Language and pupils are encouraged to communicate with each other and with their teacher in the foreign language during everyday classroom situations. A course book is used at both Key Stages but is also supplemented by the IWB, worksheets, film, songs and language games.

For further details follow these links:

GCSE French exam specification

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Those who have studied Latin in Years 8 and 9 have the opportunity of continuing with Latin to GCSE.

The course follows on from the work done in Years 8 and 9 and therefore pupils who have enjoyed the subject and felt successful so far may continue to do so.

The final examination consists of four short papers, containing translation and comprehension of Latin, and questions on the poetry and prose set books. There is no coursework.

For further details follow this link - GCSE Latin exam specification