Creative iMedia

Teacher of Computer Science:
Mr Dumbani Tunthuwa

Key Stage 4

Why Study Creative iMedia?

Creative and Digital Media plays an important part in many areas of our everyday lives and is also an important part of the UK economy. There is a demand from employers for an increasingly skilled and technically literate workforce as more and more media products are produced digitally. Creative iMedia provides you with specific and transferable skills and a solid foundation in understanding and applying this subject, whether it is in employment or higher education.

Outline of Syllabus Content

Module 1 R081 Pre Production Skills - This is an exam unit in which you will learn about client requirements, planning and working to a brief.

Module 2 R082 Digital Graphics - This is a coursework unit in which you will learn the basics of digital graphics for the creative and digital media sector.

Modules 3 & 4: (Two to be chosen by teacher)

  • Creating 2D and 3D digital characters
  • Creating a digital sound sequence
  • Storytelling with a comic strip
  • Creating a digital video sequence
  • Creating a multi-page website
  • Creating a digital animation
  • Creating interactive multimedia products
  • Digital photography
  • Designing a game concept
  • Developing digital games


Module 1 – R081- Pre Production Skills – 1Hour 30 minutes written exam 25% of total marks
Module 2 - R082 - Digital Graphics - Coursework assessed in school moderated by OCR –
10 Hours 25% of total marks
Modules 3 & 4 - Coursework assessed in school moderated by OCR – 10 Hours per module
25% each of the total marks

Exam Course Specification