Summer School July 2021

During the first week of the summer holidays we held a transition summer school offered to all Year 6 into Year 7 students of Bishop Luffa School. The aim of the week was for students new to the school to experience ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10) and to gain an understanding of our values ‘always our best because everyone matters’.

The week was underpinned by our commitment to students to:

  • Inspire all students to be ambitious about their futures
  • Encourage and develop leadership
  • Develop partnerships within, and beyond, the school: building new friends
  • Foster engagement in personal and spiritual development
  • Nurture a sense of belonging to a safe school and the wider world

Of the 240 students invited, 202 attended, 24 of which were FSM.

During the week students studied following subjects:

Subject Outline of the course
English Students studied a set text with the theme of settling into a new setting. They were introduced to analysing language features, techniques and exploring a more comprehensive text.
Maths Students covered a variety of math skills through practical mathematics including cooking, outdoor team building, architecture and shape and space.
Science Students were introduced to the rules of a science laboratory and taught how to safely use a Bunsen burner in order to conduct experiments.
Sports Students competed in their own Bishop Luffa summer school games, which included activities such as high jump, relay and other indoor sports. These contribute to the house points system within the main school.
Arts Students completed a range of arts and crafts activities, including designing and creating their own bookmark and designing and creating their own pencil case.
Drama Students spent their drama sessions enjoying team building skills and confidence building skills through group work.
Music workshop An outside agency was brought in to school to run a transition specific workshop through singing and writing lyrics to songs.
Transition workshops Students were given a full tour of the school, able to talk and question current students, see their student planners, hear about worship in school, as well as enrichment and student leadership opportunities available within school.

Funding received: £44,058


Staffing £19,202
Activities £23,951
Meals £455
Sundries £450