SEND - Frequently Asked Questions

What support is in place for transition?

The Learning Mentor liaises with the feeder primary schools in the summer term of Year 6. Transition visits are arranged for those that need them as an extra to the Year 6 visit. During the pandemic meetings were either on the phone or virtual.

What support can be offered for students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia?

Please refer to the booklet attached.

What support can be offered for students that need support for speech and language?

We have a link speech and language therapist. One of the Teaching Assistants is trained in delivering the speech and language programmes either in small groups or on a 1:1 basis.

Do we provide for students with anxiety?

There are systems in the school with the pastoral team, and the Learning Mentor to support with this. We also have teaching assistant linked to the Sixth Form.

What support is available for students with ASC?

The Learning Mentor links with the primary school to support transition. If the pupil has an Education Healthcare Plan, meetings are also set up with the SENCO.  In Year 7 there are small group interventions with the Learning Mentor, if this is felt to be appropriate. Teachers will be made aware of any support needed in the classroom.

What is provision is in place for students who struggle with learning?

Information is sent through from the primary school. Relevant details, and suggestions for support in class are sent through to all teachers. To help students in class move forward in confidence, and to become independent learners, there is differentiation of subject material, teaching assistant in class support where appropriate and Learning Mentor input in Year 7. For struggling writers touch typing forms part of KS3 computer studies lessons. In Year 8 and 9 students who may benefit from extra literacy, can stop studying a language to be part of the Extra Curriculum for Language classes.

Are students able to use a laptop in lessons?

Where a student is a struggling writer, but is competent at touch typing, it can be agreed that they may use a laptop in lessons, as long as the Bring Your Own Device Policy is signed.

Is there a homework club?

There is a homework club on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which runs from 2.30pm - 3.15pm. It is staffed by teaching assistants.

How can the school be contacted if there is a concern around learning or friendships?

If the concern is around learning please contact the SENCO - Mrs Julie Collins-Ballands:
If the concern is around friendships or a pastoral issue please contact the Head of House.

Are students in wheelchairs able to access the whole of the school campus?

The majority of the school is accessible. There are just a couple of areas which, at the moment are not accessible. Adaptations with re-rooming can be made should this affect learning.