Parents and Friends Association

Welcome to the Bishop Luffa Parents and Friends Association! The PFA is a committee that anyone with links to Bishop Luffa can join. We help to support our school, by raising money to provide the ‘extras’ that the school budget simply cannot cover. And we strive to help foster a strong sense of community and inclusion with the activities and events we put on throughout the year, as well as supporting the school’s own activities and events.

The Committee is made up of:

Sharon Quail & Julie Howard - Co-Chairs
Simon Tooley – Treasurer
Kelly Sewrey – Secretary

and the many parents and carers who make up the rest of the Parents and Friends Association.

Why Join The PFA?

The causes we support align with your interests, and those of your children. Our children attend a very successful secondary school with access to experiences and resources that enhance and enrich their school journey. We support them.
Helping to raise regular funds impacts the school and makes it EVEN better!

You will discover you have more access to school life; get to know the teachers better and meet other parents and carers.

It makes you feel part of the school community.

And it’s great fun!

What Do We Do?

Our ultimate aims are to raise money for the benefit of our children and to foster a strong sense of school community. We want everyone to be included and for every child to gain something either from events we put on or resources we contribute or make available.
Events we put on to fundraise include:

Burns’ Night
Discos, Raffles and Quizzes
Pre-Loved Uniform Shop
Annual Prom Dress Sale
Events you will attend during the school year will usually have refreshments organised and provided by the PFA, for example Fruition, Cheese & Wine evenings, Open Days and Inter-house Dance and Drama.

Where Does the Money Raised Go?

Over the years the PFA has made some significant contributions to the school. The following list outlines some of the bigger contributions made to the school in the last few years.

Annually we contribute over £5,000 to the running of the school minibuses that take children to fixtures and events.

We also commit to a Counselling service for our children at a cost of £3,000.

In addition, and with finances permitting, the PFA support individual departments every year with smaller projects.

Things we have funded include:

Sewing machines for Textiles
£5,000 towards a Laser Cutter for Design and Technology
A £5,000 Lighting Desk system for the whole school’s use at events such as the Sixth Form Fashion Show, Dance and Drama productions
Fume cupboard for the Science department
Chickens, a chicken hut and security for the very successful Chicken Club!
Spheros - coding robots that many children will have use of.
We sponsored the entrance into a STEM project supporting a Green Powered Car built by our students.
Dyslexia pens
Screen print frames for the Art department
The Year 11 Prom
The Prom
This is the Highlight of the year for most Year 11s and something they really look forward to after months of relentless study and exams. The Prom is organised by the PFA and each year it always manages to exceed the Year 11s expectations!

In 2021, Proms had to move to a marquee on the field due to Covid restrictions. This was one of the few benefits to come out of that trying time as previously squeezing all the Year 11s into a very hot and cramped Bartlett Hall was always fraught and challenging. The marquee was such a huge success that we continue to hold Proms in this way. However, the marquee comes at a cost.

We want every Year 11 to have the opportunity to attend and enjoy their special Prom, so the PFA works very hard to raise funds and negotiate with suppliers to ensure ticket prices stay low.

Whilst this might not feel relevant to you right now if you don’t have a child in Year 11, at some point it will be all they will talk about, and make plans for, for what will seem like months! To ensure we can keep putting on a spectacular and popular Prom event, we have a dedicated Bishop Luffa Prom Fund on GoFundMe where anyone from any year group can make donations at any time because at some point every child will benefit from this ongoing top-up fund.

So How Can You Help the PFA?

Do you have any fundraising ideas?

Would you like to join the monthly meetings to discuss ideas and make things happen?

Can you perhaps volunteer to help out at one event a year?

Can you attend and thereby support some of our fundraising events?

Are you willing to make a small financial contribution instead?

In recent years, in part owing to the challenging effects of changes due to Covid, the PFA at Bishop Luffa has been lacking in supporters and funds. Without these two vital ingredients, we simply cannot provide the ‘extras’. Several events we tried to arrange after Covid were cancelled due to lack of interest. And helpers were very low in numbers for a long time. But since the start of this academic year we have had a huge revival of support for the PFA and its efforts. The number of volunteers for events has swelled thanks to the wonderful Parents and Carers willing to donate even just a couple of hours a year. All of them will attest to the feel-good factor of helping out but also of new connections being made and the fun to be had! But we do need more of you to join us.

With 1,595 students in the school, we are sure there are more people who must be willing to help and want to become part of the school community? Perhaps you have a skill that you would be willing to share with us for a particular event? Or perhaps you can come to our monthly meetings? These are a great opportunity for you, as a parent or carer of a child in the school, to have a say and put ideas forward (and you do not have to attend every meeting). No idea is a bad idea, and we would really like the opportunity to discuss your ideas to make them a reality. If you cannot make the meetings, please email us at and let us know of your ideas or any skills or resources you can offer.

Alternatively, if you have limited spare time but would be happy to contribute financially, perhaps you would consider a regular monthly Gift Aid contribution (which can be from £1 per month) or a one-off payment (of any amount you can spare). This would be very much appreciated. All contributions are confidential and can be set up any time. Please email to request the Gift Aid Form.

We really need YOUR help to ensure the continuation of the PFA and to keep supplying the ‘extras’ for our children.

We hope you will consider getting involved if you can. We look forward to welcoming you!

Find us on:

Facebook: Bishop Luffa PFA Official