ANDREWES HOUSE – House Colour Green

Who’s Who?

Head of Andrewes House – Mr R Goldsmith

Andrewes Tutors

Andrewes HouseYear 7 - Mr S Finniear

Year 8 - Miss K Machado

Year 9 - Miss E Lopez Gamero

Year 10 - Mr J Bonney

Year 11 - Ms K Hobbs

Year 12 & 13 - Mr J Barnett

Bishop Andrewes was the Bishop of Chichester from 1605-9 and was the key translator of the King James Version of the Bible in 1611. He was one of the most famous and important Bishops of Chichester and his most famous sermon is quoted by English poet TS Eliot in The Journey of the Magi.

What is Andrewes House like?

We like to think of Andrewes as being a large family. Pupils feel there is a strong sense of unity within the House and that this has led to a great team spirit which has brought the House together and enabled us to achieve a lot of success both in inter-house competitions and in things like charity fund-raising activities.

Andrewes House 2019-2020

Mr Putnam HoHA message from Mr Putnam:

"It has been a real privilege to be Head of Andrewes (Bell) House and is the highlight of my 27 years here at Bishop Luffa. I have always tried to cultivate a 'family' atmosphere within the House and it is with immense pride that I have witnessed, over the years, some 750 pupils arrive as tentative Year 7's and leave as resilient and empowered young people. It is this transformation that is the greatest reward in teaching.

I am indebted to the most amazing group of tutors, both past and present, who are the backbone of the House and who deserve so much credit for the work they do, every day, every year. The success of the House is down to them. To the pupils and students of Andrewes, you are amazing! There is so much talent in the House and such a huge willingness to give; never stop striving to be the best that you can be.

It is extremely hard for me to relinquish the Head of House role after 25 years but I feel the time is right for a change. I know that, with Mr Goldsmith at the helm, I am leaving the House in very safe and capable hands. It only remains for me to say good luck to each and everyone of you and to thank you for the best experience of my teaching career!

Mr A J Putnam"

Andrewes 1As another school year comes to an end, we would like to thank all of the pupils and staff within Andrewes. We took on the role of house captain at the start of this school year to show our love for Andrewes House over the past 5 years, and for future years to come. It was great fun getting to interact with and hear the opinions of people in lower years, many of whom had some fantastic ideas! We thoroughly enjoyed being a point of contact for members of Andrewes House and their form tutors – it has helped us build up confidence and communication skills. We were also offered some great opportunities throughout the year that were interesting, educational experiences.

Andrewes 3Andrewes is a House where all years come together as a community, and achieve great things; whether it be charity events or setting sports day records. It has been an honour to represent this wonderful House across the year, and see our family grow stronger despite any challenges. Mr Putnam’s love for Andrewes and drive for success has allowed us all to thrive, and epitomises the attitude of our house – we would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of the whole Andrewes House. We hope that you’ve all had the best possible year at Bishop Luffa, and look forward to seeing most of you after summer.

Ollie and Bela, Andrewes House Captains