King HouseKING HOUSE – House Colour Pink

Who’s Who?

Head of King House – Ms R McAuley

King Tutors

Year 7 - Miss S Bracher

Year 8 - Mr R Robinson

Year 9 - Mr M Healy

Year 10 - Mrs H Kettle

Year 11 - Mr A Thompson

Year 12 & 13 - Mr D Pilgrim

King House was created in 1993 and is named after Bishop Henry King, who was Bishop of Chichester from 1642 to 1646. When Chichester was captured by the Parliamentarians, Bishop King’s estates were confiscated and his library sold. He lived in Buckinghamshire until the restoration of the monarchy in 1660. When he returned to Chichester, he established a restoration fund to repair the cathedral and Bishop’s Palace. He died in 1669 and was buried in the Cathedral.

King House 5What is King House like?

King House motto is ‘Success through practice’. Pupils in King House pride themselves in always striving to be the best.  King House Charities are St Jerome’s Orphanage in Kenya and Breast Cancer Care.

King House Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for having us together in King House.

We ask You to help us give the best of ourselves while we are here,

And that You use the unity of our house to further your purpose in the world.

Keep us ever mindful of the suffering we can bring an end to,

That we might all become citizens of a kinder, more just world,

And lead us to a greater knowledge of Your love.


King House 2019-2020

King House 2This has been another busy but strange academic year for the students of King House.

We started the term in September by welcoming our new Year 7 students and also Mr Robinson and Miss Coxhead who joined the King team. The first term started well with students being asked to push themselves to achieve their very best. We used the song from the Disney film Zootropolis as the theme for the year, we were determined to try everything even if we failed or got it wrong. It was soon time for Year 7 to head off to the Isle of Wight for their residential trip. It was a fantastic experience and they were all a credit to King House and the school. We had lots of fun watching and joining in with the Festival of Lights show. We certainly learnt that Mr Robinson can dance too!

King House 3aWe all came together at Christmas to enjoy the Christmas meal to celebrate the end of term. It was lovely to see so many students involved in this and hopefully we can all come together again this year.

It was great to see so many King students getting involved in the school production of Grease and our practicing for our House drama. It is a shame we never got to perform the House drama but I know we have big plans for next year to retain our winning streak!

Unfortunately, the coronavirus brought school as we know it to a sudden end but King House stepped up to the challenge of virtual schooling. We had many students join our big classroom and each tutor group has been managing to stay in touch. We even managed to continue our charity work from home and helped to organise the Bishop Luffa Spring Clean. We are looking forward to the future when we can host our annual King Team Tri even again.

King students have continued to impress me with their positive attitude, supportive nature and resilience in what has been a difficult year. I look forward to seeing what they get up to when we are back in September.

King House 1