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Who’s Who?

Head of House – Mr K Allman

Wilson Tutors

Year 7 - Mrs D Jackson

Year 8 - Mr G Evans

Year 9 - Mrs N Stallard

Year 10 - Mrs C Syms-Evans & Mrs J Darlow

Year 11 - Mrs H Friend

Year 12 & 13 - Miss M Witherow & Ms I Blyskal

Wilson House was one of the first four houses in the early days of the school. Wilson House is named after Bishop Roger Wilson who was Bishop of Chichester from 1958 to 1974. He was a brilliant classicist, a modest and unassuming man with an abiding interest in people.

What is Wilson House like?

We are a caring house with a real sense of family and friendship. There are rarely fallings out as we stick together and support each other.  Wilson means family and that means no one gets left behind. ‘Aureus est gentis’, latin for ‘family is golden’ is our House colour. Our house emblem is a sunflower and each year our Year 11’s present each other with sunflowers at their leavers’ assembly with a note attached as a leaving present.

The House charity that Wilson supports is the ‘Mombasa Children’. We have sent medical supplies, sponsored children to be able to attend school and bought equipment. The House has Skyped with the children in our House assembly. Our link is through the charity based in Rustington. We hope in the future to send Wilson House pupils to visit the school.

Wilson House 2019-2020

This, needless to say, has been a very unusual year – and unfortunately, many things that we were looking forward to in the school calendar didn’t take place. Happily, in the seven months we did have in school, Wilson House managed to squeeze in as much as we would normally manage over the course of the whole school year - so I still have plenty still to write about!

Wilson Ed Loftus Brigham and Matty Yonges winning cakeYear 7 got the ball rolling with the traditional Autumn term achievement – beating Story at Head Hunters Laser Combat on the Isle of Wight (yet again). 7Wilson grabbed the opportunities available at Luffa; many members of the form were involved in the house drama, for example. Ellie Matthews was part of the choir that sang at the Christmas carol concert at the cathedral, Sophie Allen took part in an essay writing competition, and Nathan Martin helped behind the scenes with the school production of Grease. In sporting terms, all of the form joined in with interhouse sport with gusto, whilst Dan Pegg and Ed Loftus-Brigham also played for the school football team. There were also culinary skills on display, as Ed Loftus Brigham and Matty Yonge won the ‘Great British Luffa European Bake Off’ competition with their British fry-up offering. It’s always rewarding to see our newest students getting involved, so well done to all for making the most of their first - albeit curtailed - year at Luffa.

Having achieved so much in Year 7, 8Wilson had certainly given themselves a lot to live up to this year. Needless to say the tutor group managed to throw themselves into school life once again – including, as ever, with a fantastic effort decorating the door for World Book Day. Picking up where they left off from last year, 8Wilson were involved in all manner of things – on the music side, many members of the form were involved with the school choir and sang at the Christmas carol concert, as well as frequently being involved with the Worship Band in assembly. 8Wilson were also well represented in House drama again, as well as the school production of Grease – no mean feat in Year 8! Ioan Harley also deserves a special mention, scoring the highest mark in the school in the Bebras Computing Challenge. There were also other individual achievements worthy of recognition with Caitlin Swann taking part in the literary quiz team, Amelie Berry competing in the K2 Athletics competition in Crawley, and Northey Macmillan assuring that the tutor group were represented at school council. Also, we can’t not mention that the 8Wilson netball team won the whole interhouse tournament, which was a fantastic effort. All in all, some excellent achievements for 8 Wilson this year.

Wilson Tess Langford and Holly Bentley at the Chichester Rotary Club debateTo paraphrase Oscar Wilde, to lose one tutor might be misfortune, to lose two is careless; 9Wilson however are now on their fourth and fifth tutor, respectively! Needless to say this has not held them back from getting involved in a fantastic array of activities again this year. As a group, they managed to reach the interhouse dance final although this was, of course, sadly curtailed; given Wilson’s previous successful track record in the interhouse dance, I’m sure we will see them again next year. The interhouse netball team also finished as runners up, a very creditable performance. There were acting plaudits in the group this year; Tess Langford impressed with her performance as Rizzo in the school performance of Grease, and Lenni-Mae Carter worked backstage with the hair and make-up. Other members of the form – including Alice Roberts – were due to be involved in the house drama, which unfortunately went the way of many other things that were meant to happen towards the end of the school year. We did fortunately manage to get Christmas in school; Lenni-Mae Carter and Rihanna Whitfield worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the Bartlett Hall was decorated for the Christmas dinner - their hard work and handiwork was appreciated by us all. Elsewhere, 9 Wilson were also represented by Holly Bentley and Tess Langford in the Rotary Youth Debate competition, where they won their debate and progressed to the District Final. All in all, another great year for 9 Wilson!

I mentioned last year that 10Wilson were an incredibly sporty form, and that trend certainly continued. Many of the form are sports leaders and can often be seen helping out on primary school sports day. A real source of satisfaction this year was the victory in the interhouse rugby – a fantastic achievement in a very well fought competition, with some excellent individual performances. 10 Wilson’s athletic ability is not just restricted to the sports field; Orla Dixon, Nilafur Schaeper and Grace Thompson all took part in Dance House 2020 at Alexandra Theatre too. It should be said that 10 Wilson were not just restricted to mud, sweat and tears; several members of the form were regularly involved with the Worship Band and performed every week in school assembly, whilst Lara Cooke had the fantastic opportunity to play a carol on the organ at Chichester Cathedral for the Christmas service, and not many people could beat Tom Spencer’s work experience where he helped to birth a lamb at Goodwood. I look forward to seeing 10 Wilson tackle their GCSEs with the same enthusiasm that they’ve taken on everything else!

Wilson Alfie Ayling and Jack Keane at the fancy dress competitionThe time came to bid farewell to 11Wilson, who had worked hard this year to get well prepared and trained for their exams – not that we were to know, of course, that they would never get to do them! 11Wilson ended up becoming a fantastically musical form, with many of the group playing in the choir, orchestral groups and the Worship Band; additionally, there were no fewer than three Wilson groups in the Battle of the Bands at Charity Week. 11Wilson were even represented at the Rap Battle; Jack Keane spat his ‘ill bars’, formerly only found in the darkest corners of YouTube, to the stage of the Bartlett Hall – as well as winning the individual fancy dress competition as a ‘Peaky Blinder’. There were other individuals to be celebrated; Olly Weatherill effectively became the go-to drummer for any given situation, and Alfie Ayling had the honour of being nominated the year representative for the whole of Year 11 (as well as a valiant effort as Kurt Cobain in the fancy dress competition, which was awarded third place). The form as a whole also won the ‘best decorated classroom’ award at Christmas, and also gave the ‘World Book Day’ door decoration competition another good go.

Wilson Tommy Bentley Olly Weatherill Archie Farquhar at Battle of the BandsI will certainly miss 11Wilson; having taken over from Mr Goldsmith two and a half years ago this was the first year group where I felt I was really responsible (the other ones I still blamed on him) - and I look forward to seeing many of them in Sixth Form. I also looking forward to hearing what those who go elsewhere get up to. I’m sure they’ll keep us posted!

In the Sixth Form, we nominated two house captains – Daisy Watson and Leo Dixon – who jumped into the role with gusto. They braved appearing in House Assembly, dreamt up some ideas for the house charity, organised the house council meetings, and also updated the notice board which had left unchanged for perhaps longer than it should’ve done. Their hard work is very much appreciated. Daisy, along with Ellie Roberts in 13 Wilson, formed a formidable debating duo and progressed all the way to the final of the ESU Schools’ Mace debating competition, beating several schools – such as Winchester College and St Swithun’s – along the way.

Wilson Ellie Roberts and Daisy Watson at the ESU Schools Mace competitionCredit must be given to the Sixth Formers responsible for organising the House drama as it required a lot of time and effort at breaks and after school – unfortunately, as already mentioned, they never got to perform – but this doesn’t mean their efforts should be ignored!

Finally, a massive thank you needs to be put on record for the many members of 12 Wilson who offered up their time to serve a mentors to the younger year groups; this is something which is so valuable to the younger students and I am very appreciative of their time and understanding ears.

We also need to mention our House charity, Friends of the Mombasa Children. As we went into lockdown I was in the middle of a ‘100 mile in a month’ challenge which raised hundreds of pounds, however The Unity School has been hit hard by coronavirus. We will definitely need to redouble our efforts next year and get our thinking caps on to raise as much money as possible to help a cause which is very much in need.

Finally, a big thanks to the tutors – Mr Evans, Mrs Stallard, Mr Harvey, Mrs Syms, Mrs Darlow, Mrs Friend, Mrs Jackson, Ms Blyskal and Miss Witherow – for their hard work over the course of the year, as well as our pastoral assistants Mrs Smith and Mrs Conway. Without their efforts, none of this would’ve been possible, and they have all made my life immeasurably easier.

I look forward to another year in charge of the Wilson family – aureus est gentis!