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Information regarding the Termination of the Emsworth & District Bus Service

We have been informed by Emsworth & District that they have made the difficult decision to stop the 247 service that runs from Rowlands Castle and surrounding villages to Sherborne Road. The service will remain in operation until the end of this term. Emsworth & District have worked hard to keep this service running since the Council ceased funding but have reached a point where it is no longer viable.

We understand that this will be frustrating for a number of our pupils. The closest alternative service is the Stagecoach 700 service from Havant:

Morning Service   Afternoon Service:
Havant Bus Station 0708      Bishop Luffa School Layby 1443
Emsworth Bypass 0716   Bosham Roundabout 1453
Southbourne Church 0721   Southbourne Church 1500
Bosham Roundabout 0728   Emsworth Bypass 1505
Bishop Luffa School layby 0740   Havant Bus Station 1513

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We are sorry to see the end of a popular bus service but in light of current economic pressures the school are regrettably not in a position to assist with the running of the service.