Year 11

Year 11 Revision Information Evening - Thursday 8th October

Dear parents and carers,

Year 11 will be taking their Mock GCSE exams in the first week back after October half term. Students are being prepared for these exams in lessons and directed towards appropriate revision materials. Timetables for these exams will be issued shortly.

We are aware that, following the experiences of last year’s exam cohorts, students may feel under additional pressure ahead of these Mock exams. At this stage all of the information we have suggests that exams will occur next summer as planned. These Mock exams are designed to simulate the real exams to be taken next summer, taking account of work covered so far. These exams form part of the assessment we use as a school to inform projected grades, which will be issued in reports later this term.

The primary purpose of these mocks is to identify areas for improvement and produce individual subject action plans, which outline how these will be made. Teachers will also use the information from these exams to further identify any areas of school closure work which may need further in-class support.

It is important that students prepare for these exams as fully as possible, in order that identified areas for improvement are accurate. In order to help you support your child with preparation for these exams, we invite you to watch the video presentation which will be shared with you on Monday 5th October. This will cover the information which would, ordinarily, be presented at the evening itself in Bartlett Hall. Many faculties are offering excellent subject-based revision resources over the coming weeks. This particular presentation, however, focusses on generic revision skills and ways in which the pupils can begin revising now.

Please do take the time to watch this with your child. Mr White and I will then be available via Google Meet to answer any questions you or your child may have about the exams or revision processes between 6:30 and 7:00pm on Thursday 8th October.

We look forward to seeing the pupils’ successes in the Mocks and, as a school, we will of course continue to encourage and support them wherever the need arises.

Your faithfully,
Mrs L Watson, Head of Key Stage 4
Mr S White, Deputy Headteacher

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