Black Lives Matter & Black History Month

Black History Display 1October marks Black History Month in the UK. Bishop Luffa is marking this in many ways. This includes a display outside the Bartlett Hall. The theme underpinning the display is that ‘it’s not just history, and not just a month’, hence the contributions from across Faculties.
Clearly Black British history is not something which should be restricted to just one month each year. However, Black History Month 2020 offers a great opportunity to reflect and explore lesser-known people and events from our past.

These two websites are ideal resources for everyone:

Other resources include:

As a school we have also been looking at Black Lives Matter and racism, with a group of students regularly meeting with the Head Teacher to discuss these issues.

Pastor Bruno Kondabeka and Andy Morgan, who are members of our Clergy Team, talked about racial injustice and prejudice in this discussion on YouTube ‘An interview with Bruno Kondabeka

John Amaechi is a psychologist, a New York Times best-selling author and a former NBA basketball player. In the wake of the George Floyd killing and the Black Lives Matter protests, and at a time when many people want to learn how they can be better allies for black people, BBC Bitesize asked John what it means to be anti-racist. ‘Non-racist or Anti-racist?’

Alex Holmes is a leading anti-bullying campaigner, Founder of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and Deputy CEO of The Diana Award. Here, he tells us about how he overcame racist bullying at school and shares his advice for dealing with it if it happens to you or if you see it happening to someone else. ‘Racist bullying