SHERBORNE HOUSE – House Colour Black

Who's Who?

Head of House: Mr Tristen George

Sherborne Tutors

Year 7 - Mrs D Williams

Year 8 - Mr S Cooke

Year 9 - Mrs J Tyler

Year 10 - Mrs N Furnell

Year 11 - Mr I Thomas

Year 12 & 13 - Mrs E Arnold

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Sherborne House History

Sherborne posterRobert Sherborne was Bishop of Chichester from 1508 to 1536. Sherborne was Archdeacon of Huntingdon (1494–1496), Archdeacon of Buckingham and of Taunton (1496–1505) and Dean of St. Paul’s (1499–1505). Exceptionally, he held ecclesiastical posts prior to ordination: he was made a deacon in 1499 and ordained a priest on 5 March 1501. From 1505 to 1508 he was bishop of St Davids.

Sherborne was a patron of the artist Lambert Barnard, commissioning several series of paintings from him. He founded the Free Grammar School in Rolleston, around 1520. It continued to 1909.

Sherborne poster 212x300Sherborne House Motto

Based on our belief that everyone can….

“Here to inspire, challenge, achieve from when we start to when we leave.”

Our House Charity is Feeding Futures who support and develop sustainable schooling and education in Kenya.