Contact Teacher: Ms C Barnett, Teacher of Latin

Exam Board: OCR

Why study Latin?

Latin has an obvious link with such subjects as English, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy and other Arts/Humanities subjects with its logical approach and emphasis on accuracy. However, it can also be combined successfully with Mathematics and Science subjects. It has traditionally been linked with such subjects as Law and Medicine, but it will provide you with an excellent qualification for a wide variety of courses.

Course details

You will study literature and develop your powers of literary criticism. You will study language and at the same time increase your knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar and syntax. You will continue to develop your logical reasoning and learn how to express things accurately and concisely. You will learn something of the social, military and political history of the Romans.

How the course is taught and assessed

Translation and comprehension of unseen passages of Latin, using a variety of texts to develop both accuracy and understanding of more difficult Latin. You will study a prose and verse author in detail, developing your ability to analyse and discuss the means by which the author achieves particular effects in his use of language.

Entry requirements

At least a grade 6 in GCSE Latin.