Contact Teacher: Mrs C Duke

Exam Board: AQA

Why study Sociology?

Sociology helps you to develop knowledge and understanding of the essential sociological theories and methods (such as Functionalism, Marxism and Feminism) with which sociologists make sense of the diversity of societies, and of the forces which have and will continue to shape social change.

Sociology will help you to think about society in a new and critical light, questioning the status quo and developing a sophisticated understanding of the real issues that affect the society we live in. It is an excellent subject for showing you how society works and for making you aware of the range of conditions that individuals within society experience. Students often comment that they didn’t realise how varied the human experience can be and how powerfully group identity shapes a person’s future.

Course details

There will be a focus on the following three areas:

  • Education with Theory and Methods
  • Culture, Identity and Family
  • Crime and Deviance in Society

How the course is taught and assessed

The course is delivered through a variety of teaching and learning styles., such as co- construction, as well as group team teaching. It involves a lot of reading and writing, strengthening your ability to develop an argument both in class and on paper. The subject requires you to debate issues for which there are several different but well- accepted explanations, and to become critical of different viewpoints. By analysing the strengths and limitations of all perspectives studied, you learn not to take things for granted, or to accept assertions at face value.

Paper 1: A two hour exam on Education in Society, with associated sociological theory and methods

Paper 2: A two hour exam on Culture, Identity and Family

Paper 3: A two hour exam on Crime and Deviance, with associated sociological theory and methods

Entry requirements

You will need to have GCSEs of at least grade 5s or above in English Language and another Humanities subject as this will help prepare you for the essay writing on the course.  You need to appreciate the importance of analysis and balance in tackling conflicting points of view.

You should be interested in reading the news on a daily basis to be able to relate the topics learnt in class to the outside world.