Year 12 Mock Exam Information

Year 12 exams begin on Monday 15th June for all students, and I attach a timetable for your information. They will run for a two-week period during which time all live lessons and homework will be suspended. You will see that students will only have to complete one exam per day, which will all start at the later time of 10am. Subject teams will be communicating with students next week to ensure that they are fully aware of how to access their exams online (most departments will be using Google Classroom), the time limits in place and how to submit their answers.

Although clashes have been kept to a minimum, some students will have more than one timetabled exam in a session. If they have a clash they should speak directly to their subject teacher to make alternative arrangements. Language speaking mocks will be arranged after the exams by subject teachers.

To allow for differing typing speeds and any technical issues, we have asked all subject teams to give all students 25% extra time. Students with extra time due to access arrangements will be afforded an extra percentage of this new total.

Could we ask that you ensure that when your child has an exam they have access to the required technology and can work undisturbed. We would encourage you to also try to make sure that exam conditions are followed as much as possible: i.e. no access to mobile phones, textbooks, notes etc.

We do recognise of course that some students have found it difficult to prepare for these exams without the normal routine of classes and ‘real’ lessons. Many in turn will be anxious about the impact of low exam grades on future UCAS predictions. We would like to stress that although the exams form an important part of our predictions process, they are not the only factor that will be taken into account and staff are sure to consider work rate, attitude and potential shown before school ‘closure’ as much as they can.

After the examinations we will conduct Progress Review in the usual way and grades will be sent home by the end of term. We are in the process of planning a way for Year 12 students to come into school, at the very least for 1:1 appointments with their teachers and tutors. We will let you know when we have more specific details.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the Sixth Form team if you have any queries or concerns.

Mr J A Saunders, Assistant Headteacher – Head of Sixth Form