Year 10

Here are some excellent performances recorded by our fabulously talented Year 10 GCSE Music Group. There are also a couple of compositions by Laura Nash and Sophie Sharpe, which although incomplete are very exciting to hear!

Arrela Dominguez - Piano solo 'And Now Let's Handel'

Arrela Dominquez - Piano solo 'Scherzando'

Dan Stodd - Guitar solo 'Johnny B Goode'

Emily Climpson - Piano solo 'Holiday in Paris'

Harvey Cook - Drum Kit solo 'Tear in my Heart' 21 Pilots

Isla Solly - Piano Performance 'Dreams'

Jeremy Warren - Drum Kit solo 'Ride' 21 Pilots

Joe Davies - Piano solo 'Etude in A Minor'

Joe Davies - Piano solo 'Haydn Andante in A'

Joe Davies - Piano solo 'Lentamente from Visions Fugitive3'

Laura Nash - Composition 'Let There Be Light'

Laura Nash - Piano solo 'Arabesque'

Noah Peirson - Piano solo 'Plauderei'

Rudi Millard - Vocal solo 'Stars'

Sam Ahiwe - Piano solo performance 'Serenade'

Sophia Sheppard - Ensemble with Megan Peyman 'Flight'

Sophia Sheppard - Vocal solo 'Don't Watch Me Cry'

Sophie Sharp - Vocal solo 'I Love You' (harmonies by Sophia Sheppard)

Sophie Sharp - Composition 'Hurry'

Spencer Dixon - Vocal solo 'Palace' (harmonies by Sophia Sheppard)