Year 11

Here are some excellent performances recorded by our fabulously talented Year 11 GCSE Music Group.

Annabel Thompson - Original composition 'Gangsta Rush'

Annabel Thompson - Solo performance 'Selfish'

Bella Hamilton - Acoustic guitar performance 'Rumba'

Bella Hamilton - Original Composition

Charis Crook - Original composition 'Never Be Mine'

Charis Crook - Solo performance 'No Good Deed'

Connor Llewellyn - Drums performance

Connor Llewellyn - Original Film Composition

Eva Phiasanaxay - Solo Vocal performance

Grace Carter - Vocal performance 'Part of Your World'

Izzie Burton - Piano Solo performance

Izzie Burton - Original Composition

James Rainsford - Original Composition 'Continuous Rhythm'

James Rainsford - Solo Piano performance

Lara Cooke - Original Free Composition song

Lara Cooke - Solo performance 'Chopin Prelude'

Lily Barkes - Original Composition 'Folk Stories'

Lily Barkes - Vocal performance 'I'm Not That Girl'

Lily Towler - Vocal Solo performance 'Burn' from 'Hamilton'

Lukas Leigh - Guitar performance 'Crazy Train'

Luna Wells - Solo Vocal performance

Maddie Harris - Vocal solo 'As Long As He Needs Me'

Phoebe Bish - Original Composition

Phoebe Bish - Solo Guitar performance 'Sir Duke'

Xander Bown - Original Ensemble Composition

Xander Bown - Solo performance 'Little Things'

Xander Bown - Solo performance 'Mr Cellophane'

Xander Bown - Solo performance 'Perfect'

Xander Bown - Solo performance 'When She Loved Me'