BURROWS HOUSE – House Colour Blue

Burrows HouseWho’s Who?

Head of Burrows House – Mrs R Bagdoniene

Burrows Tutors

Year 7 - Mrs C Jones & Mr T Blewitt

Year 8 - Mrs O Basurto

Year 9 - Mr A Apperley

Year 10 - Mr A Bravo

Year 11 - Ms K Hobbs

Year 12 & 13 - Mr G King

Burrows House was one of the first four houses in the early days of the school. Burrows House is named after Bishop Winfrid Burrows who was the Bishop of Chichester from 1919 to 1929. He preceded Bishop George Bell as Bishop of Chichester, having previously been Bishop of Truro. 

Burrows House 2018-19

Burrows1BURROWS HOUSE: If you believe, you can achieve!

This academic year Burrows house have taken part in and organised a variety of different events, from the youngest to oldest in our house, we are all proud of the achievements and bonds we have created this year.

Starting with year 7, coming up from Primary school was not an easy job, but without hesitation, they immediately grew from peers into friends. A defining point of this was their residential which saw them in the Isle of Wight performing activities such as bush fires, laser tag and many other exciting opportunities to which they would never experience anywhere else. Each and everyone of them feeling nervous but the excitement over taking that. They truly created memories that they would never forget.

Year 8 started with them no longer being the youngest in the school and saw them blossom in their learning and journey in Bishop Luffa. They actively participated in a superb charity event to which showed great turnout and success, helping our house charity of ‘Dreams come true’. As a house, year 7 and 8 almost all took a vital party part in our 3 legged sponsored walk helping us to gain a tremendous target of a whopping £1000!

Year 9 saw options of GCSEs being explored coupled with the excitement of so many sport events they took part. Year 9 has sports being their strongest area within the House. Their assembly on how to prepare for Sports day inspired us greatly. Taster lessons of GCSEs were a brilliant insight to what the future holds for us in Bishop Luffa and Burrows House. Also Y9 saw one of their students organising a bake sale to raise money for an orphanage in Nairobi. We are really happy to see leadership skills being developed whilst trying to support the children who are less fortunate.

Burrows2Year 10 brought the start of GCSEs courses with mock exams which as well as being nerve wracking were exciting. It was also vastly more enticing due to the prospect of work experience with students going off to vet surgeries, schools and estate agents for a week to give a window into a full time livelihood. This was met with feedback such as “I want to go back” or “schools not that bad, I’m alright being here for a bit longer”. Facing GCSEs next year will be something to think about over the summer holidays.

And finally after a hard year of revision and determination, 11 Burrows managed to get through them all and wait in anticipation to results day!

With, at this moment leading us in inter house sports, having a strong house drama piece, teachers and students fundraising even further for Burrows house, we are determined to always do our best. All in all, it has been a fantastic year for Burrows house and our future looks bright!

Joseph Stevens (10Burrows)