Curriculum Plan

Core Subjects

English – two GCSEs, one in Language and one in Literature
Mathematics – one GCSE
Combined Science – two GCSEs

Compulsory Subjects

Religious Education – one GCSE
Physical Education
Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) Education

Compulsory Curriculum Area

Languages – French, German, Spanish or Latin for all students who are currently attaining at least a Bishop Luffa Step 4 in a language.

Option subjects - three subjects,
including a language if you are working at, or above, Step 4 in Languages

Art, Craft & Design
Business Marketing and Enterprise
Computer Science
Creative iMedia
Dance BTEC
Design & Technology
Food Preparation and Nutrition
Functional Skills
Media Studies
Sport BTEC
Textile Design
Triple Science


  1. This will lead to a maximum of nine GCSEs.
  2. Any Option subject will be offered only if there is a sufficient number of students selecting it to justify running the course.
  3. You can only choose either Art, Craft & Design or Textiles Design due to exam board regulations.
  4. For students who are not working to at least Step 4 in a Language and who do not wish to continue with a Language, a third option subject should be chosen. Students who are working below Step 4 can still choose to study a Language.
  5. For those wishing to gain the EBacc, you should ensure your chosen pathway includes: English, Mathematics, History or Geography, the Sciences, a Language

Prohibited Combinations

  1. You may pick either GCSE Art, Craft & Design or Textile Design
  2. You may pick either GCSE Computer Science or Creative iMedia (Cambridge National)
  3. You may pick either GCSE PE or Sport BTEC
  4. You may pick either GCSE Media or Creative iMedia (Cambridge National)
  5. You may select either Business or Business Marketing and Enterprise

Making your option choices online

The procedure for accessing options online will be emailed to parents and students.

For students who are not currently achieving Bishop Luffa Step 4 or above in Languages students can select three options from all available subjects including languages.

For students who are currently achieving a Bishop Luffa Step 4 or above in Languages students will see all languages available for option one along with two further options which can be filled from all other subjects.