Information for Year 9 Students

Dear Year 9 Student,

Years 10 and 11 are a really exciting time in your school career. These are the years when you will study for your first public examinations. At Bishop Luffa most students will prepare for nine GCSEs.

This booklet and the research you have done on Unifrog is designed to help you make the best choices for Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4). On the following pages you will find information about all the courses that are available to you - both the compulsory ones and the ones from which you will make your choices. Our aim is to provide you with a wide range of appropriate choices, so that you are able to make subject choices that allow you to study for qualifications that:

  • interest you
  • you are able to succeed in
  • provide the foundation for further education, employment or training.

In order to support you in making these choices you have had the opportunity to experience some GCSE lessons in taster sessions and have taken part in Unifrog careers activities. You should also read descriptors and watch the videos on the school website produced by subject leaders. By doing all of the above you will begin to understand what is expected of you next academic year and will be able make informed decisions about the right courses for you.

Choosing your subjects:

1. All of you will study all of the following subjects:

English and English Literature (2 GCSEs)
Mathematics (GCSE)
Combined Science (Trilogy) (2 GCSEs)
Religious Education (GCSE)
Physical Education (Core non-examined)
Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (Core non-examined)

2. You will also choose three other subjects. If you are currently achieving Step 4 or above in languages you will be required to choose a language as one of those options. To choose Triple Science you should currently be achieving Step 4M.

3. Choosing subjects:

This is a difficult process and a big decision. In our experience the students that have chosen well have:

  • discussed the options with their parents
  • talked with teachers/Faculties about different subjects
  • made decisions about what they want to do and have not been influenced by what their friends are doing
  • chosen subjects they have an interest in and passion for, that they enjoy doing
  • looked for subjects that would fit with their aspirations
  • chosen subjects which they are good at

4. If you have studied ECL in KS3, it is important that you discuss your Option choices with Mrs Collins-Ballands.

Please think carefully about your choices.

Mrs L Watson
Head of Key Stage 4