Functional Skills

Subject: Functional Skills
Teacher who leads the subject: Mrs J Collins-Ballands

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Why study Functional Skills and Accelerated Maths (ASDAN)

This option supports the GCSE curriculum and enables students to reflect on their learning.

Within the Functional Skills option are two subjects: Functional Skills English and Accelerated Maths, both of which run parallel to each other.

Accelerated Maths underpins the knowledge and skills required for GCSE maths. It allows pupils to reinforce their learning in this subject. Accelerated Maths is coursework based, challenges need to be completed to pass the course.

Functional Skills English reflects the skills required for GCSE English, whilst enabling students to work at a slightly slower pace. The course is broken down into reading, writing, speaking, listening and communicating which are all required elements of the assessment. There is an exam at the end of this course.

English is delivered at Functional Skills Level 2.

Students considering this course must discuss this with Mrs Collins-Ballands.