Sport BTEC

Subject: Sport BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Sport
Syllabus Number: 600/4779/3
Teacher who leads the subject: Mr R Harvey

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Why study Sport BTEC?

This qualification is a Technical Award equivalent in size to one GCSE. It is designed for students who want to include a study of the sport sector which culminates in a recognised qualification at the end of Year 11. It provides an introduction to some of the key themes within the sport sector, enabling you to develop and apply your knowledge of sport, whilst also developing a range of relevant practical, communication and technical skills. The Level 2 Award also shows clear progression to Level 3 academic or vocational qualifications in the sixth form, for those who want to take study of this subject further.

Outline of syllabus content

This qualification provides an engaging and relevant introduction to the world of sport. It incorporates important aspects of the industry such as fitness testing and training for sport and exercise, the psychology of sport, practical sports performance and sports leadership. For this award you will study four separate units over Years 10 and 11.

  • Unit 1, Fitness for Sports and Exercise, is a compulsory unit and is assessed externally via an online on-demand test.
  • Unit 2, Practical Sports Performance, is also compulsory, and is assessed internally via a number of assignments undertaken over the two years.
  • Unit 3 Applying the Principles of Personal Training, is the third and final compulsory unit. You will be able to draw on the knowledge, skills and understanding you have developed in the qualification as a whole.
  • Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities, learners develop sports leadership skills through delivering components of sports sessions and whole activity sessions. Units 2, 3 and 6 will be internally assessed by your PE teachers via a variety of assignments during Years 10 and 11.


In total there are four modules, each with 25% of the total marks. The online on-demand test is a one hour test totalling 50 marks and assesses the work done in Unit 1 of the Award. The test will consist of objective and short answer questions.

A coursework portfolio is also kept and regularly updated for your three other units. This may include assignments produced by you which could take the form of a written essay, annotated video clips, PowerPoint presentations, leaflets, posters, interviews and witness statements. All of these assignments are set by the teacher in charge of the course and marked internally. Some of these assignments will then be sent off for external moderation as well.