Bishop Luffa Launchpad

Bishop Luffa Launchpad is an educational initiative created by Bishop Luffa Learning Partnership in partnership with Lavant House and Launchpad Charitable Trust. The aim of the initiative is for the most vulnerable young people in our community to rebuild their lives and become successful learners.

Our motto at Bishop Luffa School is ‘always our best because everyone matters’. A traditional school setting isn’t always ‘for everyone’, and we have found that COVID has significantly increased the number of students who find it difficult to focus in a classroom setting. This has led us to look with urgency for creative ways to support these children.

Launchpad 1This pilot scheme is Bishop Luffa’s response to the pressing issues in our community. The scheme combines classroom based learning, outdoor education and high quality vocational education. Our aim is to give vulnerable young people a chance to break a cycle of disappointment and experience success at school. We are confident that this will give students hope, and hope will lead these teenagers to start planning for a more positive future.

As part of Bishop Luffa School, Bishop Luffa Launchpad aims to provide our young people with the opportunities to thrive through unique and bespoke programmes that focus on their strengths, helping to build confidence, equipping them to engage with further education and life beyond school.

We offer the opportunity to gain qualifications in Math and English and a range of vocational programmes that are designed with the learners in mind.

Forest School 2A key aim will be ensuring students in Year 10 and 11 develop a pathway onto their next step in education and training. Students will have the opportunity to do regular work experience, college skills days alongside their core studies. Students will also have the opportunity to choose vocational modules to help personalise their education.

In KS3 students may undertake full or part time courses. Beyond the core study of English and Maths, students will follow theme based projects that help to reflect subjects like history and geography. Students will be able to engage with these subjects through hands on project experiences.

We have now received planning permission to create a bespoke facility based at Lavant House. This provides us with a calm, quiet countryside location with access to the facilities and businesses at Lavant House. The new buildings will be secure, secluded and well-placed to give work opportunities to support the young people transition to successful adulthood and give them hope of a future.

This scheme is being supported by local organisations with a track-record of success in supporting vulnerable young people: Launchpad Charitable Trust, The John Pritchard Trust, and Christian Youth Enterprises.

To find out more about Bishop Luffa Launchpad please click on this link.