Our School Captains

School Captains 2021 2022

Joe Clines


In my final and seventh year here at Bishop Luffa, I’m very fortunate and excited to be elected as one of two School Captains for this academic year.

At Bishop Luffa we have a motto that is important to all of us: ‘Always be our best, because everyone matters’. Throughout my time at this school I’ve thought long and hard about what that actually means. I think this mind-set is what makes Bishop Luffa School extraordinary. It’s certainly far from any ordinary school.

At Bishop Luffa we have a strong sense of community amongst staff, students, parents and carers - a community based on love. And, year in, year out we demonstrate the wondrous possibilities that can be achieved through this community. From House Drama and Charity Events to House Points and Sports Day, everything we do is done in support of one another because everyone matters. And I think that’s what makes us our best.

Bishop Luffa has shaped me as a person, it’s brought all my best qualities to the forefront and allowed me to flourish in a safe, inclusive and homely environment. Every day our school is filled with endless opportunities and love in everything that we do. It’s now that I have the opportunity, that I want to give back to a school, and a network which has given so much to me during this chapter of my life.

Over the next year, Funmi and I aim to consider how we continue to drive our school forward, developing the spiritual and unique community we have.

Joe Clines, School Captain

Funmi Ajayi

School Captains - Funmi and JoeHey everyone,

My name is Funmi Ajayi, and I am one of the Bishop Luffa School Captains this academic year (2021/22)!

It goes without saying that this distinctive community of students and staff support each other and have adopted the trait of unconditional love to uplift and encourage every person who enters this place, to grow as an individual by the time they leave. With this being said, as important as encouragement is, it’s not the sole focus of the Bishop Luffa ethos.

This is not only the place where opportunities are seized but the place where opportunity is created. This is the place that not only says “yes you can”, but actively tries to get you to that place. Whether you’re interested in arts, sports, charity, science, environment, and so many more, there will always be something for you here at Luffa – and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential academically, mentally, and spiritually.

Looking back over my seven years here, I can unequivocally say that this place is far from prosaic. Student leadership here is like no other, and my experiences at Bishop Luffa have provided me with the skills I’ll need to attain my wildest dreams in later life. Being fortunate enough to be elected by my peers and the staff as school captain last summer is an opportunity, I am so grateful for – now is my chance to requite the kindness and inclusivism I have been shown, through my role.

I hope that as you learn more about Bishop Luffa, your serotonin levels rise – not too much though, that’s dangerous! Joe and I are so excited about what this next year has to bring, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

All the best x

Funmi Ajayi, School Captain