Game, Set and Match, our official stockist, have put measures in place to ensure that social distancing is possible, and they ask that any customers visit their website, https://www.gsam.co.uk/, and make an appointment before visiting the shop.

New School SkirtLast year, following feedback from parents and the school council, we decided to change the school skirt. This was due to problems with the fit and cost of the item. In consultation with pupils we decided on a 'Davenport’ style skirt with a knife pleat in grey, with the expectation that the band would be showing and the skirt would reach the student’s knee.

Since launching the new skirt feedback suggests it has proved difficult to find alternative retailers, other than our official supplier, which sell the 'Davenport' style skirt. We have therefore decided that there is a need to change the skirt specification. Students will now need to wear a regular, fully pleated skirt, which is grey and importantly knee length, this includes the Davenport design that was originally specified.

Skirts of this specification are available at the following shops for a variety of prices. Please use the following links to see more information:

Game, Set and Match (official supplier): https://www.gsam.co.uk/collections/bishop-luffa-school-1/products/bishopluffapleatedskirt?variant=34652287991973

Marks and Spencer: https://www.marksandspencer.com/2-pack-girls-pleated-skirts/p/clp60100378?intid=mobile_app_pdp_share

Next: https://www.next.co.uk/style/st521247/712561#712561

Asda: https://direct.asda.com/george/school/girls-school-skirts/girls-grey-pleated-school-skirt-2-pack/GEM563285,default,pd.html?cgid=D10M2G1C10

Our intention is that our uniform is affordable for all and that the students are smartly dressed for school. The new skirt (pleated, grey and to the knee) will be the compulsory style to all Years 7-11 from September 2021.

Please note that the official supplier will no longer be selling the old style skirt.

The rest of the uniform remains the same.

*Compulsory items
* Blazer Maroon, with School crest on breast pocket
* Shirt/Blouse White shirt (which must be worn with the Bishop Luffa School tie) or Gold Blouse.
* Skirt/Trousers

Skirt - Grey, one design only "Davenport" style, supplied by official stockists. The skirt should be worn with the band showing and should reach the student's knee.

Trousers - plain, straight-legged, charcoal grey or black (not corduroy, jeans or “skinny” style). Do not buy any other style.

* Tie (with white shirt) Maroon and gold. The tie must be worn with the white shirt, with at least 6 gold stripes showing
* Socks/Tights Black or grey, plain not patterned. Tights which end at, or above, the ankle are not allowed.
* Shoes Black, brown or grey, low heels – one colour only, including the sole. No boots, trainers, canvas shoes or sandals. Guidance Notes
  Jumper Maroon, with gold stripe in V-neck.  They should not be tucked into the skirt or trousers.
  Scarf Plain, dark colour only – not to be worn in the buildings
  Outdoor coats Any suitable plain pattern (e.g. coat, raincoat, anorak, duffle coat) of a reasonable length and short enough to fit into a locker.  ‘Hoodies’ are not acceptable outdoor coats.

Required PE Kit

Required PE kit:

In order to reduce the potential for infection we will be minimising the use of the changing facilities. In September, students must wear their PE or BTEC Dance kit to school on the day they have a PE or Dance practical lesson. At the end of their PE lesson, students will remain in their PE kit for the rest of the school day. Blazers must be worn over the top of PE kits.

The full list of PE kit and equipment is detailed below:

Girls: Compulsory
• Burgundy and gold polo top with school badge
• One pair burgundy and gold football socks for games
• White sports socks for all other PE activities
• One pair trainers (non-marking sole)
• One pair football boots or Astro turf style trainers (for use on grass) for use in Year 8; a ParentMail will be sent to parents and carers notifying you when students will be taught football.
• Plain black shorts (Nike Pro shorts or equivalent are not acceptable), burgundy and gold skort or Bishop Luffa leggings
• Mouthguard
• One pair shin pads
• Suitable bag for all equipment

Optional extra items

• Plain black track suit trousers – for outdoor games
• Maroon sweatshirt (with school badge) old or new Bishop Luffa jumper is acceptable
• Burgundy and gold Smock Jacket (with school badge)
• Black or white base layer or ‘skin’
• Plain black leggings to be worn under shorts or skorts or Bishop Luffa leggings that can be worn without a skort (purchased from Game Set and match)
• Reversible rugby shirt – burgundy/gold – for outdoor games

This year, we are introducing Bishop Luffa sports leggings which are available from our official uniform supplier Game, Set and Match. These are available to buy for £16.50 for junior sizes, and £20 for size 8 and above and are part of the girls’ PE kit list for Years 7 – 10.

We understand that families may not be able to make this expense at this time and there are alternative options outlined in the kit list, such as tracksuit bottoms, shorts or leggings underneath the skort. Parents and carers are advised to ensure leggings are thick and durable.

All girls may still wear the appropriate leggings for their year group underneath their skort.

Boys: Compulsory
• Reversible rugby shirt - burgundy/gold
• Burgundy and gold polo top with school badge
• Plain black shorts
• One pair trainers (non-marking sole)
• One pair football boots either moulded base or with metal safety studs (no metal tipped or plastic screw in studs)
• One pair burgundy and gold football socks for games
• White sports socks for all other PE activities
• One pair of shin pads
• Mouthguard
• Suitable bag for above equipment

Optional extra items
• Burgundy and gold Smock Jacket (with school badge)
• Maroon sweatshirt (with school badge) old or new Bishop Luffa jumper is acceptable
• Plain black tracksuit trousers
• Black or white base layer or 'skin'

If students feel the need to wear an extra layer during cold weather, they are to wear a plain coloured base layer or a plain coloured long sleeve t-shirt underneath their PE polo or rugby shirt.

Jumpers or hoodies are not part of the school uniform. Parents and carers will understand the need for us to be consistent, and we thank you for your support in ensuring students do not wear a jumper or hoodie to school.


The School cannot be held responsible for property lost by students. We shall do our best to find the missing items and it is a great help if all clothing and property is clearly marked with the owner’s name.

No jewellery, (including rings and bracelets of any kind) except one plain stud in each ear. No other piercings are allowed on health and safety grounds. Please do not have, for example, a nose, eyebrow or bellybutton piercing as you cannot wear a nose, eyebrow and bellybutton stud to school on health and safety grounds.  In addition, you may not be able to take part in PE or Games activities. You will not be allowed to cover a piercing either, whilst it heals. Students are allowed to wear a small cross on a necklace provided it is not visible.

Non-uniform jumpers, sweatshirts or jackets may not be worn or brought to school. Ties must be worn with at least six gold stripes showing. Outdoor coats, anoraks, etc. should not be worn inside the school building. The wearing of make-up, nail polish, false eyelashes or false nails is not permitted, the only exception is that students may choocse to wear light foundation. Hair should not be dyed bright or unnatural colours. If you are unsure check with your Head of House before you have it done.

Full uniform must be worn to and from the school.


Students need not wear blazers or jumpers. If wearing a white shirt, ties must, however, be worn. They must be worn correctly and not tucked into the shirt. PE tops may only be worn for PE or Games. Shirts and blouses must be tucked into skirts and trousers. If tights or socks are worn they may be plain grey or black. Toeless shoes or sandals must not be worn.


Game Set and Match, Quarry Lane, Chichester, PO19 8NY

Telephone 01243 538800                   www.gsam.co.uk