ANDREWES HOUSE – House Colour Green

Who’s Who?

Head of Andrewes House – Mr Rob Goldsmith

Andrewes Tutors

Andrewes HouseYear 7 - Ms K Wells

Year 8 - Mrs J Sherlock

Year 9 - Miss K Machado

Year 10 - Miss E Lopez-Gamero

Year 11 - Mr J Bonney

Year 12 & 13 - Mr J Barnett

Bishop Andrewes was the Bishop of Chichester from 1605-9 and was the key translator of the King James Version of the Bible in 1611. He was one of the most famous and important Bishops of Chichester and his most famous sermon is quoted by English poet TS Eliot in The Journey of the Magi.

What is Andrewes House like?

We like to think of Andrewes as being a large family. Pupils feel there is a strong sense of unity within the House and that this has led to a great team spirit which has brought the House together and enabled us to achieve a lot of success both in inter-house competitions and in things like charity fund-raising activities.

Andrewes House 2020-2021

Andrewes House

What a year we have had?! 7 Andrewes have had an interesting introduction to Bishop Luffa and have spent the year in a bubble, not able to meet up with the rest of Andrewes House. Of course, this has been the same for all year groups, but, I think, has been particularly harsh on Year 7. They missed out on our famous residential on the Isle of Wight, which was a real shame as they didn’t get the chance to beat Burrows at 'Capture the Flag' in laser tag.

They did, however manage to get to the Portsmouth Water Sports Centre for a day which was fantastic. They took part in paddle boarding, jacobs ladder, climbing, kayaking and archery.

Here are some of them dressed up to take to the water.

7Andrewes July 2021

During the year, as a House, we have raised nearly £400 for the Chichester Downs Syndrome Association by wearing odd socks. Even some of our pets joined in!

It was fun seeing all of the different colour combinations people could come up with!

Odd Sock Day 2   Odd Sock Day 1   Odd Sock Day 3

Andrewes also swept the board in the Sherborne 'Decorate a Door for International Day' where 7 and 9 Andrewes won first place and 8 Andrewes won second place! Mrs Bagdoniene was not a happy Head of House!

7Andrewes World Door   9Andrewes Door   8Andrewes Door

We have also taken part in lots of Interhouse competitions and did well and we look forward to winning the House cup next year!

We put on a fantastic House Drama production of Peter Pan, lead by our sixth formers, in which lots of students took part.

Our House captains, Angus, Olly, Milly and Kat have been a fantastic help and have delivered assemblies and visited the Andrewes tutor groups remotely and in person. They orchestrated the House charity event - which included the whole school. A big thank you to them.

I think that’s about it for this crazy year. I have ended the term exhausted, but amazed at the resilience and determination that has been the defining character of all students in Andrewes House this year. They have defied Covid and completed the year with energy and enthusiasm, not missing an opportunity to take part.

As we enter the summer, I pray that you will all get rest and renewed vigor to nail it next year.

Andrewes for the House Cup!

Mr Rob Goldsmith, Head of Andrewes House