BURROWS HOUSE – House Colour Blue

Burrows HouseWho’s Who?

Head of Burrows House – Mrs R Bagdoniene

Burrows Tutors

Year 7 - Mr A Bravo

Year 8 - Mr T Blewitt

Year 9 - Mr D Clarke/Mrs C Jones

Year 10 - Mrs O Basurto

Year 11 - Mr M Hunter

Year 12 & 13 - Mr G King

Burrows House was one of the first four houses in the early days of the school. Burrows House is named after Bishop Winfrid Burrows who was the Bishop of Chichester from 1919 to 1929. He preceded Bishop George Bell as Bishop of Chichester, having previously been Bishop of Truro. 

Burrows House 2020-2021

Go Burrows! Mrs B’s saying really is true… Burrows is the Best! Not only have we won Inter-house Sports, but we are first place in overall house points. Our House charity day was a great success, with the whole school participating by wearing something different for April Fool’s day - ensuring a substantial amount of money being donated to our House charity, Dreams Come True. And let’s not forget the dedicated team of students who produced a fabulous House Drama production, ‘Every Brilliant Thing’. This year has been challenging for all - but as a community it’s clear we have given everything 100%.

7 Burrows are fab in all respects: their behaviour and attitude in and out of school is phenomenal, and so it is not a surprise they are the top in House points. Even the Planetarium crew were impressed and are very willing to have them back, due to their politeness and enthusiasm. “The top group ever.”

In 8 Burrows there are many unique characters, including aspiring artists, athletes and scientists. As a form they are developing into bright and ambitious individuals.

9Burrows champions 219 Burrows are a fantastic team - everyone is aware of each other's weaknesses and strengths. They always support each other in all situations. Of all the forms they produce the best performance as a team overall, as shown by their success in House points and victory in the Christmas door decoration competition.

10Burrows Champions 21Moving on to 10 Burrows… this form has proven themselves again this year with their competitive sporting nature. They won their final Sports Day this year, leaving them with the satisfaction of being able to say that they have won every Sports Day they have competed in at Luffa.

11 Burrows are another extremely athletic and driven team. They have numerous achievements in not only sports, but science, arts and drama too! Throughout a challenging year of exams, their hard work and determination leaves them looking forward to great GCSE results.

Of course the students of Burrows house would never have achieved this without the support of the amazing form tutors and our wonderful Head of House, Mrs B (rumour has it she almost burst with joy after hearing the Sports Day results!). Their enthusiasm is contagious and motivates everyone to push for success in all aspects of school life. We have had an extraordinary year and we hold high hopes for our future as the Burrows family.

By Amelia Whitworth and Gwen Sargent, 10Burrows