BURROWS HOUSE – House Colour Blue

Burrows HouseWho’s Who?

Head of Burrows House – Mrs R Bagdoniene

Burrows Tutors

Year 7 - Mr M Hunter

Year 8 - Mr A Bravo

Year 9 - Mr T Blewitt

Year 10 - Mr D Clarke/Mrs C Jones

Year 11 - Ms H Massey/Mrs S Pilgrim

Year 12 & 13 - Mr G King

Burrows House was one of the first four houses in the early days of the school. Burrows House is named after Bishop Winfrid Burrows who was the Bishop of Chichester from 1919 to 1929. He preceded Bishop George Bell as Bishop of Chichester, having previously been Bishop of Truro. 

Burrows House 2021-2022

Burrows House is a family where each year is individual and vital to the working force and moral of the House. We are all different, but work together as a team to overcome all adversities and help each other to become more rounded and better people. As a House we value the individual, group and House achievements, not only awarding the most athletic and high achieving students, but also offering opportunities and strong sense of companionship to the whole house. Each year contributes to the House; they are all different, but all holding the core concepts that Burrows House values greatly.

7Burrows IOW Oct 2021Our Year 7 students represent the joy and energy that Burrows House values so greatly. Their eagerness to get involved epitomises all that Burrows House wishes to stand for. They offer reassurance to the older years that Burrows House will be left in safe hands for the years to come.

8Burrows Forest School Feb 2022Year 8 students excel in all aspects of inter-house competitions. They are often leaders in House points and sports for their year, helping Burrows to achieve its potential and hopefully help us to another House Cup and Sports day win.

Year 9 students have represented Burrows House in many excellent ways. They always strive to do their best possible as shown many times in inter-house sport. Hopefully this will continue and put us in a top position in sports this year.

Year 10 Burrows are unique and have all helped the House to grow since Year 7. Year 10 students are getting involved no matter what and helped to gain many points for Burrows House. Both Year 10 and Year 11 students, despite exams and GCSE’s, have kept supporting and playing for the House, showing commitment and love for Burrows and its students.

Interhouse Winners BurrowsYear 11 Burrows, although having left, we hope will remain close to the family they made with the House. They topped their year in sports and academic achievements and helped carry Burrows House to many achievements throughout their time at Bishop Luffa. We wish them all well with the next stages of their lives.

And finally, a special well done to those Burrows students, who had the opportunity to excel outside the House and Bishop Luffa:

Gwen (11Bu) and Johnny (10Bu) Sargent – both of whom sailed for Great Britain; Summer Cheesman (10Bu) who is an ice skating double British Champion; and Charlie Gran (10Bu) – who also sailed for Great Britain.


Written by Issy Tate, Jasim Rahman, Summer Cheesman and Tilly Hodkin in 10Burrows.