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Who's Who?

Head of House: Mr T George

Sherborne Tutors

Year 7 - Miss L Thorpe

Year 8 - Mrs J Tyler / Miss E Rawlinson

Year 9 - Mrs N Furnell

Year 10 - Mr J Petts

Year 11 - Mrs D Williams

Year 12 & 13 - Miss J Lawlor

Sherborne House History

Robert Sherborne was Bishop of Chichester from 1508 to 1536. Sherborne was Archdeacon of Huntingdon (1494–1496), Archdeacon of Buckingham and of Taunton (1496–1505) and Dean of St. Paul’s (1499–1505). Exceptionally, he held ecclesiastical posts prior to ordination: he was made a deacon in 1499 and ordained a priest on 5 March 1501. From 1505 to 1508 he was bishop of St Davids.

Sherborne was a patron of the artist Lambert Barnard, commissioning several series of paintings from him. He founded the Free Grammar School in Rolleston, around 1520. It continued to 1909.

Sherborne House Motto

Based on our belief that everyone can….

“Here to inspire, challenge, achieve from when we start to when we leave.”

Our House Charity is Feeding Futures who support and develop sustainable schooling and education in Kenya.

Sherborne House 2021-2022

The Sherborne House committee for the academic year 2021/22 was lead with distinction by House Captains Holly Pullen & Wilf Kieran (12Sh). Other aspects of House affairs were overseen by House Colours recipients Ella Saxton (Charity), Sam Wren (Sports), Peter Denton (Worship), Katie Mason (Forms) and Bette Russell (House Chair) (all 11Sh). I would like to thank all involved for their efforts, leadership and initiative in making this another successful year for the House.

In 2021/22 Sherborne ran a competition to modernise and rebrand it’s House “Fish” logo to be used in promoting Sherborne in school community events for this year and beyond. In a contest of the highest quality, a number of sterling entries were received across all year groups. Evie Leigh (7Sh) and Zak Brent (7Sh) were very closer runners up to a fantastic black and gold dancing fishes winning effort by Myah Brent (9Sh).

Sherborne new image

House Drama Finals Sherborne 1After triumphing in the finals in the last House Drama Festival, Sherborne continued our strong pedigree in the performing arts by presenting a production of ‘Animal Farm’ directed by Issy Buckley and Wilf Kieran (12Sh). The House was enthralled while watching our fantastic multi-year spanning cast (including Edward Bromell (9Sh) in the lead role as Napoleon, Mary Pitts (9Sh) as Benjamin, Riley Terry Eld (8Sh) as Squealer and Georgina Lamdin (10Sh) as Boxer). Special commendation from the guest judge was noted for the creative use of props (including live construction of a windmill), accompanying soundtrack performed by Grace Washer (7Sh) on violin and a strong mix of humour and warning message of how unchecked power can lead to corruption. The standard of acting was exceptional for such a young ensemble and a huge congratulations to all involved for their hard work and for continuing Sherborne’s excellent tradition in this competition.

Ella Saxton SherborneCongratulations to Ella Saxton (11Sh) who won prizes in two national Film Competitions. Firstly, for her insightful and detailed review of 1902 French film La Voyage Dans La Lune and also for Ella’s recognition in a highly praised account of her desire to become a film director, celebrating the release of the 25th James Bond film.

Other noteworthy successes in Sherborne in extra-curricular activities over the past year include Libby Herbert (10Sh) representing Portsmouth Gymnastics in a national competition and coming 3rd, Kate Turner (10Sh) successfully representing West Sussex in Horse Riding competitions and Mitchell Leggatt (10Sh) for outstanding progress in a number of wrestling tournaments.

A special mention should also be made for the fantastic feedback received on the conduct and ingenuity of 10Sh during their work experience week. Amir Kamruddin, Adam Mainwaring & Georgina Lamdin (10Sh) lead a superb House Assembly and presented their contributions for technology and marketing companies and a veterinary practice to the rest of the House. Sam Tyler (10Sh) also had Sherborne members in awe with his video of him performing high wire tree surgery! They were an absolute credit to the school and have already heard whispers of future opportunities on the back of their performances.

The winners of Sherborne House Point Top 10 Raffle this year were Dexter Sammutt (8Sh) in the Winter Term and Riley Terry Eld (8Sh) in the Spring Term. Congratulations to both on winning a £10 Amazon Book Voucher and for their sizeable House Points contributions to Sherborne’s efforts in the House Cup.

Mr Tristen George, Head of Sherborne House