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Head of House – Mrs S Charge

Story Tutors

Year 7 - Mr N Marshall

Year 8 - Mr K Ellis

Year 9 - Mr M Bennett

Year 10 - Miss E Unitt

Year 11 - Mrs S Callaghan

Year 12 & 13 - Mr S Collins


In 1971, our House was made when the school grew from six forms of entry to eight!  Story House is named after Bishop Story, 1477-1503, who build the Chichester Market Cross and founded Prebendal School.  Our house is loving and caring, we’re like one big family!

The students’ time in Story House will stay with them, through overcoming obstacles of day to day life, making friends, celebrating, working together and having experiences they will never forget. We have tutors who are past pupils, who felt such a part of Story House during their time at Bishop Luffa that there was no other house that they could come back to – because Story House made their story worth remembering.

STORY HOUSE 2021-2022


IMG 8790Entering Year 7 and joining a new school is a time of both excitement and worries. However, at Bishop Luffa and in Story House we do everything we can to quash these fears and worries and replace them with feelings of belonging, optimism and ambition. This starts with being assigned a Story House buddy that serves as a peer to peer support for upcoming Year 7s. An opportunity for them to ask questions about the school, the culture and what to expect in advance of that first day.

Once the Year 7s had joined school the focus was on helping them settle and the Year 7 afternoon tea gave them the chance to socialise with other students and their tutors. This was closely followed by the Isle of Wight residential which provided the opportunity for the Year 7s to establish friendships and enjoy all the fun activities of the residential. Form reps Rosie and Josh reflect saying “The afternoon tea helped everyone to get to know each other. The Isle of Wight residential made everyone inseparable.”

In what has been a jammed packed year of fun, success and achievement, 7 Story were able to celebrate what a year it has been at the school disco – which was a lot of fun. Finally, to close the year, they were able to implement some of the Science they have been studying with a trip to Marwell Zoo. Students were able to enjoy the many different and rare species of animal, as well as, identify some of the key adaptations and features that enable them to survive.

Story House 2022 1Big congratulations to Josephine Tupper (7Story) who won three Gold Medals and one Silver Medal in the Junior singing section at the Chichester Festival on 5th March 2022 and she was also invited to perform at the Festival Showcase Concert at the Minerva Theatre on 19th March 2022.
“7 Story have enjoyed this year so much, so many amazing experiences and so much fun.” Form reps: Rosie and Josh

Mr K Ellis, Year 7 Tutor 2021-2022



It has been a year of real progress for 8 Story as they gained confidence after being the youngest in the school and began to embrace leadership opportunities and develop as individuals. Joe Nute took the Tutor Group Rep role very seriously and James Stringer and Eleanor Maunder have worked hard all year arranging successful Inter-house sports teams.

They have also continued to work well as a team, especially on the forest school activity trip and with so many involved in our winning House Drama performance. Congratulations to Eliza, Tilly, Eva, James, Eleanor and Sophie for helping to produce such a fantastic show!

Most of the group have made sure to assist and donate when it comes to the many charity fund-raisers that have been arranged throughout the year, and Sophie Climpson and Jenny Fitzgerald will be hoping to raise some more funds for Dementia UK in the upcoming cake sale, which they are taking a lead on. Earlier on in the year, it was great to see so many members of the group jump at the chance to support the new intake of Year 7s as House buddies and there were some brilliant performances in the school musical too.

Story House 2022 Year 8

At the beginning of February with LAMDA exams at the school, a number of our students competed in the Chichester Festival for Music, Dance and Speech 2022 at the Chichester Festival Theatre. Eva Jones and Niall Cook competed against students from all over West Sussex and Hampshire and further afield.

What a brilliant year!

Mr M Bennett, Year 8 Tutor 2021-2022


Year 9 have had an exciting year full of participation in Interhouse sporting events. Within our tutor group we have had a number of sporting achievements over this year with Aaron Goode being selected to play Cricket for Bishop Luffa against the Marylebone Cricket Club (the world's most active cricket club).

Isla Dodson-Richi has been selected to represent Team GB in Under 15’s Women’s Fastpitch softball. Isla is currently competing in the European Championships in the Netherlands with the championships having 10 countries participating. The head coach has said how excited the team is to be back on the field and participating in a European Championship after two years of the pandemic. The team are hoping to build on their 5th place finish in 2017. We wish Isla the best of luck and she has Bishop Luffa behind her!

This year 9Story have been eager to get involved in all aspects of school life. Farah Chahboune and Poppy Hennessy have had the opportunity this year to deliver assemblies each month at Rumboldswhyke Primary school. During the assemblies they have delivered presentations and danced for the pupils during hymns. Both Farah and Poppy have shown great leadership.

Story House 2022 Year 9 1Story House 2022 Year 9 2On the 29th of May Ben Washer, undertook a mountaineering challenge on behalf of the Red Cross to raise money for the Ukrainian crisis. His challenge is to complete a steep 9-mile ascent and descent of Mt. Snowdon in 4 hours. Ben is very proud to announce that he actually managed to complete this in just 3.5 hours He is currently preparing by training for the event and has begun raising money (the current figure is £302.00) and is hoping to raise more over the next few weeks. If anyone would like to donate towards the cause, they can do this on his Just Giving page:

Miss E Unitt, Year 9 Tutor 2021-2022


10 Story have entered into their first year of GCSE studies with enthusiasm and a determination to achieve their potential. I have been most impressed with their attitude to ensure that all of them do this by supporting each other, whether that be by offering advice and tips or a supportive shoulder when needed. However, this focus on studies has not diminished their positive approach to other aspects of school life. Several of the tutor group had main roles in Story’s winning House Drama production whilst others displayed their artistic talents at Fruition, winning media competitions and beyond.

All of the students embraced the opportunity to have a work experience placement and it was fantastic to hear from several employers wanting to express how impressive they were, with more than one securing a part-time job and another being gifted a Raspberry Pi (tech, not the edible kind). They were particularly well prepared for their placements as prior to it they took part in the mock interviews that were organised for them with their interviewers ranging from the Chichester Festival theatre to a well-known supermarket with much variety in between.

Never a group to shout about their outside talents and commitments, nevertheless they demonstrate sporting talent, including triathlons and dance, care and compassion – volunteering at animal rescue centres and leadership – including cadets. I look forward to the group returning in September ready to fulfil their dreams and potential, living life to all its fullness, grabbing all opportunities offered to them whilst having fun and providing positive role models for the younger members of the House.

Mrs S Callaghan, Year 10 Tutor 2021-2022


Having been 11 Story’s tutor from Year 7 to 11, it has been a pleasure to see them grow and develop into the fine young adults that they are, ready to take their next steps to college or further study with us.
From Oli Lancaster singing the opening to the carol service in Year 7 to Iona Hamilton coming back to school the day after she left school to give an inspirational assembly to Year 10 on her United World College, students have always been ready to challenge themselves and grow in confidence as a result.

The group were always keen to give their, often strongly held opinions on almost any topic which led to some lively tutor times. They supported each other throughout the five years, if there was anybody who was struggling or needed help there was always someone there to give some advice or just listen. Although the lockdowns that we had to endure were stressful times, it was really nice to have on-line tutor time, to just talk about what was on our mind and to stay connected to each other.

I was proud to see how many students applied and received House colours; the generosity of giving to charities by baking a cake or dressing as an elf; the willingness to take part in inter-house and school teams or acting and singing in inter-house drama or whole school productions; the calmness of our sports reps organising and reorganising sports day teams and all the other students who volunteered to be reps for the tutor.

All of 11 Story turned out to have an evening to remember at their leaver’s prom. Everybody looked amazing. We all danced until 11 and then watched the fireworks to finish the evening, before going home for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. Look forward to seeing some of you again in the Sixth Form.

You all have a great future ahead of you, be ready seize your opportunities when they come.

Mr N Marshall, Year 11 Tutor 2021-2022

YEAR 12 & 13

We were finally back in the Sixth Form Story Base: E1 – what a relief after living a nomadic existence for the last couple of years! We had a fresh intake of students joining the Sixth Form from other schools and they have all settled in well. Students from 12 and 13 Story continue to be key members of the Sixth Form committee, including Fumi Ajayi who is one of the outgoing school captains. Both year groups have members who excel in drama, music and languages. Thanks for everyone’s hard work as mentors for the lower school, where they are paired with students lower down the school to listen and offer advice. It is a wonderful scheme to get involved with.

It was great to see another Story House Captain applying for school captain this year Lily Barkes ran a fantastic campaign. Although she was unsuccessful, we are still very proud of her as she has been a brilliant house captain this year. She did say “although she has not been successful she felt the process itself was eye opening and taught me valuable life skills.”

Mr S Collins, Sixth Form Tutor 2021-2022


It was great to see all the students who will become 7 Story in September on their induction day and have a chance to start to get to know everybody. We did some get-to-know-you activities in form time, then we all had lunch together. The Sixth Formers who were doing tours of the school said everybody was very polite and asked a lot of questions. Then the first lesson at Bishop Luffa, which was Drama. The teacher was impressed by the enthusiasm and willingness to take part of the students. Maybe some of you will be in the next Story House drama team for the inter-house drama competition, (which Story House won this year.)

We look forward to seeing you all in September.

Mr N Marshall, Year 7 Tutor 2022-2023


Story House 2022 GreenGo Green Week – Winners 2021!

This was the school’s first ever Go Green week and saw lots of events taking place, such as Litter pics, Recycling Day, Meat Free Monday, Car Free Day, recycled art and upcycling textiles. We had a cycled powered karaoke which was great fun! On the Friday we had an upcycle dress up day, where students made their own clothes out of recycled materials or wore second hand or charity shop clothes. This also included several House competitions and Story came top winning Go Green Week 2021.

Story House 2022 FancyFancy Dress Friday – Charity Week

We couldn’t wait to see everyone dressing up on Friday for Fancy Dress Friday in support of Charity Week. It was great to see so many making such an amazing effort. Individually, Eddie Baird from 11 Story deserves so much credit for his human vending machine costume. Which actually worked too so he spent all break and lunch vending crisps and chocolate raising money for our House charity raising £57.63.

Story House 2022 DramaHouse Drama Winners!

Our involvement in House drama this year was amazing, with Story winning the competition! The cast were made up of extremely talented individuals from Story House from across every year group both behind scenes and on stage.

They performed an adaptation of Things I Know To Be True by Andrew Bovell. Despite the maturity and emotion that was required for the piece, the cast remained hardworking and dedicated.

This is only the second time that Story House has won this, the last time was in 1988!!

Congratulations to all involved, and special thanks to Jessica Spencer and Lily Barkes who Directed the play, it was truly magnificent. We couldn’t be prouder of all of those involved.

The UK Maths Challenges

The UK Mathematical Challenge is a 60 minute, multiple choice activity. It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. Sitting the challenge alone is an amazing achievement, with the top students then going on to be awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates too. A huge ‘well done’ to all of the Story students who attempted the challenge.

Intermediate Challenge

  • Gold award – Owen Jones 10st,
  • Silver Award- Amy Wales 11st,
  • Bronze Award -Samuel Ahiwe 11st, Isla Dodson Richi 9st

Junior Challenge

  • Silver Award- Joseph Nute 8st, Richard Popovich 7st,
  • Bronze Award – Jennifer Fitzgerald 8st, Adam King 8st, Isha Tupsey 8st, Henry Wilson 8st, Joel Worth 7st, Austin Williams

Dementia UK Story HouseHouse Charity Events

Our House Charity continues to be Dementia UK. As a house this charity is really important to us. Many of us have seen the impact Dementia can have on family members. Since the pandemic, smaller charities have struggled so any support we can provide them is greatly appreciated.
Dementia UK, which provides specialist dementia support to families through its Admiral Nurse Service. When things get challenging or difficult, Dementia UK’s nurses work alongside people with dementia and their families, giving them the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions, they need, and which can be hard to find elsewhere.

Story House 2022 Elf2Elf Day

On Friday 3rd December pupils participated in our second Elf day event. It was fantastic to see so many pupils coming into school dresses in elfish costume and having some fun whilst raising money and awareness for our Dementia UK.

Blue Day

On Friday 20th May, we asked the whole school to join Story House in raising awareness and some money for Dementia Uk and Save the Children Ukraine by wearing something blue to school and donating £1. The official colour of Dementia is blue, symbolising memory and forget-me-nots, so we wear this colour for a day to show our support of this fantastic charity.

Story House 2022 Blue Run

This year we decided to go a step further by including a teacher’s Mini Marathon. Ten teachers took part including Mr King in his lobster costume, running a 2.5km course around the school. To support them students were able to guess which teacher they thought would win and how long it would take. Each guess cost £1, and the winning guess won a hamper full of prizes!  We were delighted to announce that the teacher winning the mini-marathon was our Storian and tutor of 8 Story Mr Bennett.  In total Something Blue Day activities including our mini marathon, guess the best time competition and cake sale raised a whopping £471.46. This will be split between Dementia UK & Save the Children Ukraine.

Story House 2022 CakeCake Sales

Students from the House have been busy baking again this year to continue our tradition of cake sales, 7Story raised £85.52, 8 Story raised £45.26 and 10Story’s cake sale raised £59.05, All for Dementia UK.  11Story also raised 173.00 during a cake sale where the proceeds were split between Prom fund and Dementia UK.

Marine Conservation Society

Story House 2022 marineWho are the marine conservation society? They are a UK charity fighting for a cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean, working around the UK fighting for plastic pollution through people-powered action and science.  Emma Witts (13Story) organised a cake sale to raise funds for the Marine Conservation Society. Not only did this raise awareness of this fabulous organisation and the great work they do but it also raised £73.75.  The money raised will help the marine conservation society achieve its action plan: for a third of our ocean to be truly protected, so nature can recover. For ocean pollution levels to show a clear downward trend and for fish stocks to be at a sustainable level, all by 2030.

Charity Fundraising Total

We are very proud to announce that including all our other events and non-uniform days, we have raised over £1000 this year and we hope to build on this success next year by not only holding these events but adding more to raise as much as we can for this worthy cause. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported and donated this year.

Mrs S Charge, Head of Story House

Final word from Our House Captain

Being a Story House Captain has been an honour, especially since we achieved so much this year. A big part of our House Ethos is kindness, so we organised a month-long event to remind students of this. On each day of Advent, students could nominate each other for an “Advent Award” to celebrate their kindness. Our kindness as a house has been reflected in our charity fundraisers and achievements this year.

Our fundraising this year was for our House charity Dementia UK and also for Ukrainian charities. Not only were house wide events massively successful in raising money, with the whole house getting involved, but smaller events ran by individuals or form groups were too.

Lily Barkes, House Captain